SCDR's mission is to ensure as many dachshunds as possible have loving, forever homes.  And we're fortunate to serve California from North to South and Central in between.  We have many dachshunds fostered in all three regions and do our best to give you the option to adopt from any one of them.

Please inquire and we''ll work with you to transfer them to where you live, or you can pick them up.  Please contact us for more info.

LAST UPDATED: 08-24-19

Jackson 4696-2 body.jpg

Jackson (4696 )

Age: 5-6 years
Color: Blk/Tan
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size: Mini – 12 lbs.

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As with many dachshunds that we take into rescue, Jackson ended up in a local shelter, and typical to dachshund behavior, he was scared. When he first arrived at the shelter he was nippy. He settled down quickly though. And since he left the shelter, he is 12 pounds of sweetness.

Jackson likes cuddling on the couch, but he isn’t a couch potato. He loves running around in the backyard with his foster mom’s dachshunds, and he even waits at the door to be invited back inside. He is great with the other dachshunds in his foster home. We have no idea how he would be with cats so we will be erring on the side of caution.

Jackson 4696-1 face.jpg

When his foster family had visitors, he wagged his tail at everyone and let everyone pet him. He wasn’t afraid of anyone. We haven’t seen him around small children, but most dachshunds are not good with small children, so we won’t be placing him in a home with young children. Jackson is not a barker. The few times his foster mom has heard him barking is with the excitement of her arrival home.

Jackson is very good on a leash, and he loves to go for walks with the other dachshunds. Jackson is also very good in the car and enjoys going for car rides.

Because Jackson is very good with the dachshunds in his foster home, we would like to place him in a home another dachshund or small dog for companionship.

Jackson is crate trained, but he wants to sleep in the big bed with his people. Jackson is doing very well on his housetraining, and he hasn’t had an accident since he was neutered. His foster people watch him carefully and adopters will need to continue working with him so that his good potty habits continue. He has also mastered the use of the ramp to get on and off of the furniture.

Jackson is neutered, microchipped, fully vaccinated, and he just had a complete dental.

The person who gets to adopt Jackson is going to be very lucky. If you are interested in adopting Jackson, please email Janice at and complete our online application. A home check is also required.

The tax deductible donation for Jackson is $250.00



Mister -1 face.jpg


Age: approx. 12 years
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size: Tweenie – 14 lbs.

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Please note: This is a courtesy listing for a private party. Please read dog’s entire written bio before contacting Jennifer, the foster mom (Jennifer’s email address is below).

About 6 weeks ago, this senior dachshund was abandoned in a crate and left behind a vehicle in Carmichael, CA. My nephew brought him to me knowing that I would take him. However, I am not able to devote the time and attention he deserves and I am looking to re-home him.

While he has many GREAT qualities and is such a sweet boy, I have to be honest about his flaws to make sure I find him the best home for his needs.

  1. He is blind. However, my vet was hopeful that with cataract surgery, he may be able to restore his vision. It costs roughly $2K per eye.

  2. He is mostly deaf. Although being blind and deaf, he is quick learner. He learned the layout of my house and yard in just a few days, and stopped running into things completely. He will only walk in circles in unfamiliar territory. Then once he learns his surroundings, he is solid and confident navigating himself around.

  3. He has separation anxiety and barks at night or when in any confined space. I am scared to bring him into our bed in case he walks straight off the edge and injures himself.

  4. He had severe dental disease, and 2 oral/nasal fistulas when I took him in. Unfortunately, the vet had to remove all of his teeth. He can eat kibble or soft food, but needs to be taken to the vet if he gets a runny nose, cough, or persistent sneezing, as he could get food particles into his respiratory system and get a serious infection.

Mister -2 body.jpg

None of these flaws are the reason he is being re-homed. He is a good, loving boy who has done nothing wrong. I simply don’t have the time to care for him the way he deserves. My household is busy with other dogs who step on him, or whip his face with their tails and send him crying, and puppies who pick on him. He deserves better than what I can give him during his golden years. Those are all the things that his new mom and dad would need to consider before taking him.

The pros are endless. He is such a daily inspiration to my family. He is so resilient, and has an amazing attitude. He does not have the typical dachshund personality. He LOVES everyone, and every pet we have. He always seems to be so happy and patient.

His favorite thing to do, being a senior, is cuddle, sleep, and he LOVES when you rub his eyes and snoot for him!

Mister is potty trained with the understanding that you have to physically have to carry him outside every 2 hours or so to go. He does his business almost immediately when you set him down outside, but if you fail to bring him outside in a timely fashion, he will go inside.

Mister can be adopted almost anywhere in California. My husband is a private pilot, and can fly him to Southern California if necessary.

Mister is up-to-date on shots and is neutered. For more information on Mister, feel free to contact Jennifer at SCDR will be accepting and forwarding applications to Jennifer. A home check is also required for Mister’s adoption.

Adopt Mister for a modest donation