We have many dachshunds fostered in Northern California. If you live in Southern California, you can still adopt them! Please inquire and we might be able work with you to transfer them down to where you live, or you can pick them up. Please contact us for more info.

LAST UPDATED: 08-15-18

Daphne 4248-2.jpg

Daphne (4248)

Age:  approximately 5yrs
Color:  Black
Coat:  Short
Sex:  Female/spayed
Size:  Tweenie – 17 lbs.


Daphne was picked up off the streets in Roseville California, about 90 miles west of Reno Nevada April 2018.  Daphne was traveling with another female dachshund and although she was nervous, she immediately approached the animal control officer when called, and the two of them were taken into custody.

Neither girl was wearing a collar, or had a microchip.  No lost slips had been filed by a desperate owner trying to locate these two precious girls at the Placer County SPCA.

Upon arrival, Daphne was subjected to a battery of evaluations, temperament, dog-to-dog interaction, and human interaction. She passed all with flying colors!  They spayed her, updated her vaccines, polished her teeth, and got her ready to meet a new family.

Unfortunately, when the blood test results came back, she was positive for heartworms.

This was a devastating blow, as it was either find a rescue group willing to take the time and huge expense to improve her situation, or let her expire.  When they contacted SCDR, there was another rescue group vying for the girls, but when they learned Daphne would require several months of very expensive ongoing medical treatment, they bowed out and we stepped up. So glad we did.

Daphne 4248-4 portrait.jpg

Daphne is a little shy at first, we don’t believe she was picked up or held in a lap too much, but she is now a favorite snuggle bug on the couch with her foster siblings.

Both Daphne and her female companion may have been used as back yard breed dogs. Daphne is able to hold bladder and bowels for extended periods of time, and gets a little bit nervous when she goes outside for the first time in the morning.  She now has access in and out of the house all day long at her convenience, and has NEVER had an accident inside her foster home.

It appeared that Daphne had very recently weened puppies, as she definitely had just finished nursing when she was found. She did not display any affection towards her foster mom or dad, and really was not too interested in the foster dogs she was now living with. Just recently, she began showing lots of affection to her foster parents, and she gets along well with the foster siblings.

Occasionally, she wants to dominate a lap and will try to nudge others out of her way. A quick verbal disapproval “stop” by her foster mom stops any unwanted behavior.  It is apparent that Daphne wants to be a princess! What a surprise from a dachshund!

Daphne is pretty quiet for a dachshund, rarely barks, but a deep voice when she does, and she will alert if she feels something is not right outside.  She enjoys an afternoon nap in the sunshine, hunting lizards and other backyard creatures, and exploring new smells and sights.  Daphne is an excellent spoon-licker, and she polishes the bottom of her food bowl.  She enjoys a plastic chew bone now and then.

She walks well on a leash, would be a wonderful RV companion, and is a sweet, mellow little girl.  Daphne enjoys a little bit of play with a toy, but is content to be with you. She would enjoy a fellow dachshund to keep company with, would fit in with older children, and of course wants to be your princess.

Daphne will require monthly heartworm medication for a lifetime, it is less than $10.00 per month.

If you are able to provide a loving home for Daphne, please fill out the online adoption application.  Feel free to contact her foster mom Dawn, at dawnaa@pacbell.net.

The tax-deductible donation for Daphne is $275.00

Minnie LH 4409-3 face close-up.jpg

Minnie  (4409)

Age:  18 months
Color:  Black & Tan
Coat:  Longhair
 Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Mini – 8.3 lbs.


Look at this sweet face.  Hard to believe that Minnie came to us because she is chicken killer.  We were happy to scoop her up to find her a chicken-free forever home.

Minnie is a very gentle dog (unless you are the aforementioned chickens).  She is shy and sweet.  She has been fostered with some rowdy puppies and they have been great for her.  She has gone from being extremely shy to joining them in wrestling and games of tug o war.  She also used to be a princess about eating, but joining the litter in jockeying for chow multiple times a day has gotten some much needed weight on her. (The puppies eat 4x/day and since she was so thin, she too was allowed to eat 4 x/day)  We would love her new home to have a confident, young male doxie to continue her progress towards being a bold, sassy dog. 

Minnie LH 4409-2.jpg

Minnie has been loving with all humans.  Because she is so tiny, she could be easily injured by being dropped, held wrong, etc.  We, therefore, think any children in the home should be age 10 and up..

Minnie needs a forever home that works on her socialization with the world.  Even though she is very cuddly, she is far too young to just be a couch potato dog.  She is very portable, so there should be no problem taking her along as you go out for coffee, take hikes, go on long, interesting walks, etc.

As a long haired dachshund, Minnie will need to have her coat brushed on a regular basis.  Minnie is a quiet dog and rarely barks.

We have had Minnie spayed.  She is current on her vaccinations and is microchipped.  She will sleep quietly in a crate at night. 

If you you can give Minnie the type of home she needs, please fill out the online adoption application and email Nicole at nicolesalacain@gmail.com.  An adoption application and home check are required.

The tax deductible donation for Minnie is $550.00

Kipper Sr 4408-1 face.jpg

Kipper (4408)

Age: ~8 yrs
DOB: 7-3-2010
Color: Chocolate
Coat: Short
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  17 lbs

Adoption Pending.JPG


Kipper was originally purchased in Pennsylvania which means it is highly likely he came from an Amish puppy mill.   (Our hearts go out to Kipper’s mother and all the other breeding dogs in these type of hell holes).  His former owner has been educated since then and won’t ever purchase off the internet again.  Kipper came to SCDR when his owner had to move back to Ireland to care for an aging mother.  She could take one dog, but had three of various breeds.  We agreed to take this handsome gentleman and find him a wonderful new home.

Kipper Sr 4408-2 body.jpg

Kipper is a very short, so no stairs for this handsome boy. He is built like a linebacker.  He has a huge chest and a skinny little rear.  He’s quite adorable!  He is also a super, easy dog.  He is well behaved at all times.  He has no issues with other dogs. He has been fine with every person he has been introduced to, although he is more comfortable with women.  Kipper doesn’t bark.  He comes when called!!

What Kipper wants is a home where he gets to be with his person most of the time.  He wants to spend hours cuddling on the sofa.  He wants to sleep in the big bed.  He’d also enjoy some leisurely walks.  He doesn’t bark.  He’d be a dream take-to-work dog.  We think Kipper would be fine as an only dog or he could have a mellow companion.   

Kipper is a little on the chubby side.  He has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  He needs to take a very inexpensive daily pill for the rest of his life and he needs to be fed only appropriate amounts of food.

Kipper is neutered and he has just had a complete dental.  He is current on his vaccinations and he is crate trained.

If you are interested in Kipper, please fill out the adoption application and email Nicole at Nicolesalacain@gmail.com.  An adoption application and home check are required.

The tax deductible donation for Kipper is only $150.00



All together CURRENT.JPG

A litter of chiweenie puppies (Chihuahua and Dachshund mix) were dropped off at Fresno Humane.  They asked if we could foster them as they like to move puppies out of the shelter ASAP.  This helps keep the puppies healthy by keeping them from illnesses like parvo and distemper.  Chiweenies are typically great family dogs, so we happily agreed.  Now, if we could just teach these puppies to sing, we could have a boy band as the litter was all male. (Cue a chorus of “I want it that way”).  They are super cute and look like dachshunds on stilts.

These babies have been well socialized with other dogs while in foster care.  They have been meeting new people and enjoying learning about the world. New owners should plan on getting them out and about to continue their socialization

As mixes, stairs should not be a problem for these little guys.  It is far less likely that any of them will develop back problems. As of the end of July, they weigh between 4.8 lbs to 6 lbs.  We anticipate they will be small adults but we cannot guarantee this.

As puppies, these cuties are going to be A LOT of work.  They will get into everything, and they will chew your iPhone, your expensive shoes, and your favorite underwear.  They are not appropriate for a home where people are gone much of the day.  They would love a playful, but gentle adult canine companion or a rowdy small puppy near their age.  They are young enough to learn to live with cats.

The ideal home for each puppy will have the following qualifications:

  • Someone at home most of the day, stay-at-home parents, or folks who work from home.
  • Another small, young dog for play and companionship.
  • A very secure INDOOR place for the puppy to be when no one is at home.
  • Applicants must be between 25 and 65 years of age.
  • No infants or toddlers, please, but we will consider families with children age 5 and up.
  • Previous puppy experience is a plus but not absolutely essential.
  • The puppies are neutered/ spayed, microchipped and have age appropriate vaccinations. 

If you are interested in a puppy, please fill out the adoption application and email Nicole at Nicolesalacain@gmail.com.

The tax deductible donation for each puppy is $225.00

Reeses 4402-1 portrait.jpg

Reeses  (4402)
Age:  10 years
D.O.B.:  5/28/2008
Color: Brindle
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size: Mini – 12 lbs.

Biscotti Sr 4401-1 portrait.jpg

Biscotti  (4401)
Age:  10 years
D.O.B.:  4/29/2008
Color: Black & Tan
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie – 14 lbs.

Adoption Pending.JPG


These two charming boys lost their home when their owners decided to move and not take them along.  They both originally came from breeders and have AKC paperwork.  They are both gorgeous dachshunds. 

Biscotti is the shyer of the two.  He lets Reeses make the first contact with new people.  Biscotti loves to patrol the yard perimeter and hunt for squirrels.  Biscotti has the large dachshund chest which also gives him the “Bambi’s father strut/turkey trot”.  It is adorable!

Reeses is a little guy with a coat color we don’t see often, brindle.  Reeses loves new humans right from the get go.  He is always smiling.  Once he came into rescue, we discovered he is visually impaired.  He hides it well, and we only noticed it when we tried throwing toys to him.  He could not see where they landed and had to sniff them out.  He does appear to see shadows and large objects.  His lack of sight does not bother him in the least.

The two boys appear to have spent their previous days in the yard.  They are normally hanging outside if no people are nearby.  (Their foster home has a dog door, so being outside is a choice they make now.)  They each do their own thing, but like to be next to each other to sleep.  They both love when it is their turn to go on a walk.

Both Biscotti and Reeses are neutered, microchipped, and current on their vaccinations.  They both had extensive dentals.  Biscotti now needs to be on a permanent soft diet (soaked kibble, canned food or dehydrated kibble) .  Both are now crate trained.

If you are interested in our darling duo, please fill out the adoption application and email Nicole at Nicolesalacain@gmail.com.  A home check and application are required.

Adopt Biscotti and Reeses for a modest tax-deductible donation to SCDR

Toby Pie 4297-1 face.jpg

Toby  (4297)

Age: ~9 years
D.O.B.  1/1/2009
Color: Black & Tan Piebald
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Standard – 19 lbs.


Toby is one of three dachshunds inherited by a daughter when her mother died.  This put her way over the dog limit so she asked us to help.  As usual, we were beyond capacity and had no place to put three dogs.  We had recently gotten a great application from someone who wanted a standard male.  We sent the biggest dog to her to foster.  As we suspected, she foster failed with him.  Then she asked about getting a black and tan female so we sent her one more.  Again, she foster failed.  This left Toby who was still living with the daughter.  We got his medical needs attended to, but we are so constantly overwhelmed with dogs, he fell below our radar screen.  Finally, we decided we had to get him resolved whether we had space for him or not.   We happened to have a transport going to a main foster home, so we put Toby on it and finally got him officially into SCDR.

Toby Pie 4297-2 body.jpg

Toby is a charming chubster.  This boy does love his food.  He also loves people and greets everyone nicely, with his tail wagging a mile a minute.  He is a very good natured dog and is willing to go with the flow. 

He loves to play with squeaky toys. And we really mean play, not kill/de-stuff.  He is very gentle with his toys and will carry them around squeaking for days with a single piece of stuffing being removed.  When he was briefly fostered with a puppy, he was ready to party with him.  And If you really want to make Toby happy, just pull out the leash.  He didn’t get many (any?) walks in his past life and really enjoys them.

We think Toby would be fine with respectful children age 6 and up.  Toby has never been an only dog, so we think he would do best with a canine sibling or two.  Toby was inches away from a cat at the vet’s office and he showed no interest in it.

Toby is neutered and he has gotten a complete dental. He is microchipped, current on his vaccinations and he is crate trained.

If you are interested in Toby, please fill out the online adoption application and email Nicole at Nicolesalacain@gmail.com.  An adoption application and home check are required.

The tax deductible donation for Toby is $150.00

Ralphie 4234-1 portrait.jpg

Ralph  (4234)

Age:  18 months – 2 years
Color:  Red Piebald
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Mini – 12 lbs.

Adoption Pending.JPG


Ralph was picked up as a stray.  At the shelter, he was so scared, he didn’t want to stand up.  We were happy to pull him out of there and into a home environment where he could feel safe.

In his foster home, he was timid and shy for a few days, but that didn’t last long.  His sweet, energetic personality quickly shone through.

Ralphie 4234-2 profile.jpg

Ralphie (as we affectionately call him) is a very sweet boy.  He loves to get belly rubs and will gladly roll over if there is a hint you will oblige him.  In his down time, he enjoys hanging out on the sofa with other dogs and people.  He has done very well with the children age 8 and up that he has been exposed to.

He’s young, so of course, he has lots of energy and needs lots of exercise.  He does not want to be left alone all day.  He wants action!  He would love to have a canine sibling or two to help entertain him.

Ralphie has great dog-park-manners.  He walks nicely on his leash.  He enjoys chasing toys, exploring and romping with his foster canine siblings.

 If you are interested in Ralphie, please fill out the adoption application and email Nicole at Nicolesalacain@gmail.com.  A home check and application are required.

The tax deductible donation for Ralph is $425.00

Ringo 4296-1 face.jpg

Ringo  (4296)

Age:  ~18 months
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie – 15.6 lbs.


Ringo came to us, because his owners were moving in with mom and dad, and the dogs had to go.  How could we say no to his cute face?  And look at those magnificent long ears!

This stunning boy really likes people and this includes children. He lived with children in his previous home. However, Ringo will resource guard his children so we think a home with no kids or teenagers and up would be best. (He will growl to keep other people away from “his” child.)

Ringo 4296-2 body.jpg

Ringo is young, which means he has energy to burn.  He is learning to play with the other doxies.  He previously lived with two pit bulls and he did well with them.  He does best with no more than two other dogs in the home.  No stairs for this extra-long dog.

Ringo needs an active home.  He needs to get out into the world.  Ringo also needs an “in-charge” owner.

Without one, he thinks he is the one making the decisions, and his decision-making skills are sorely lacking.  He’s a very smart dog, and he just needs more exposure to the universe.

Ringo is now neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccinations.  He prefers to sleep on the sofa or a dog bed rather than a crate.

If you are interested in Ringo, please fill out the online adoption application and email Nicole at Nicolesalacain@gmail.com.  An adoption application and home check are required.

The tax deductible donation for Ringo is $400.00

Fritz 4240-1 face.jpg

Fritz (4240)

Age: ~ 7 years
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Standard – 18 lbs.


Fritz is one of the last of the very large group of dogs we pulled from an Oakland shelter at the beginning of the year.  These dogs had never been cared for and we don’t think any of them had seen a vet before they came into rescue.  They finally got lucky when their former owner developed medical issues, which resulted in the dogs being surrendered.

Fritz has hung out with us awhile as he needed some supplements to get him in shape for surgery.  In addition he needed to lose some weight before undergoing anesthesia.  A few weeks ago we were finally able to get him medically ready.

Fritz 4240-2 body.jpg

Fritz’s personality is a perfect match to his looks. Yep, he is goofy looking, and he is has a goofy, happy personality. He’s sort of a bull in the china shop type guy.  With his barrel body and his big, up ears, he always gets noticed.

Fritz loves people!   He is even fine engaging with strangers.  We think he would be OK with respectful children age 5 and up.   He loves a good cuddle.  If you really want to send him over the moon, massage his back near his tail with a “zoom groom”.   He comes running if he even sees us pick up the zoomie.

Fritz has been great with the other dogs, including unneutered males that have been in the same foster home.  He is usually found snuggling on the bed with his foster buddies.  He has a number of wrestle partners and he is usually the first dog that new foster dogs are comfortable with.

Fritz enjoys exploring the yard and catching some rays.  He wants to go for walks and outings (he has a lot of years of deprivation to make up for).  He is not much of a barker, except when the food bowls are being prepared.  He loves his chow!

Fritz is crate trained.  He goes in willingly at night, but sometimes he lets us know he wants to get up earlier than we would like.

We have had Fritz neutered and gotten him a complete dental.  He is microchipped and is current on his vaccinations.  If you are interested in Fritz, please fill out the online adoption application and email Nicole at Nicolesalacain@gmail.com.    An adoption application and home check are required.

The tax deductible donation for Fritz is $200.00

Muffin 4293-1 face.jpg

Muffin  (4293)

Age: ~10 yrs old
Color:  Black & Tan
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Mini – 11 lbs.
(should be about 8 lbs)

Adoption Pending.JPG


Muffin was picked up as a stray.  Her mouth was so horrendous (she had a huge abscess) and she was in such pain, the shelter did a medical waiver of the stray hold period and begged us to take her and get her vet care.

We picked her up and immediately took her to the vet.  She was started on antibiotics and three days later during a difficult dental, she lost all her remaining 22 teeth.

Muffin 4293-2 body profile.jpg

Muffin then stayed with us awhile.  She still needed to have mammary tumors removed.  She was very overweight and since this was not an emergency condition, we started her on a diet to get her ready for her next surgery.  She still needs to lose a couple more pounds, but we were recently able to finish up her medical needs.

Muffin is a “girly-girl”.  She loves to get dressed up and have people (including children) fawn over her.  This tiny dog has a huge personality.  She clearly feels she is a star.  With her good looks and stellar temperament, we agree.

Muffin is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.  Muffin needs to be on a lifelong diet of soft food (canned or soaked kibble).

If you are interested in Muffin, please fill out the adoption application and email Nicole at Nicolesalacain@gmail.com.  An application and home check are required.

The tax deductible donation for Muffin is only $150.00

Monty Pie 4286-1 face.jpg

Monty  (4286)

Age:  3 years
Color: Black Piebald
Coat: Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Mini – 8.9 lbs.

~ MONTY IS FOSTERED IN silicon valley, CA ~

Monty was picked up as a stray.  We are impressed that ACC was able to catch him, as this poor guy is terrified of strangers.  There were a lot of signs that he had never been anywhere in his life, but a backyard, so it is not surprising no one ever came to claim him.

Monty Pie 4286-2 body.jpg

Monty was not available for adoption due to his fear.  One of our kind hearted volunteers agreed to foster him.  Within a couple of days, he was a loving, silly little boy.  However, he was still terrified of other people, and really needed more exposure to new places and people.  We then moved him to a foster home where he gets daily walks to help build his confidence.  He is making slow, steady progress.  He now hides behind his foster dad when a person approaches, but he is brave enough to eat the treats they offer!

Monty will likely always be a shy dog.  As such he is going to need a new owner that understands he will need a bit of time to get comfortable.  (He may not want to cuddle or come near you for the first couple of days.)  A mellow, confident, outgoing dog would give him some additional comfort in a new home.  When this guy knows you, he is super sweet.

Monty is an extremely cute little guy.  His body and coloring say Dachshund, but those ears!  Clearly he has some Chihuahua in there too.

Monty has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  If you are interested in Monty, please fill out the online adoption application and email Nicole at Nicolesalacain@gmail.com.  An adoption application and home check are required.

The tax deductible donation for Monty is $250.00

Sara LH 4206-2 profile.jpg
Sara LH 4206-1 face.jpg

Name:  Sara  4206
Age:  5 years
Color:  Black
Coat:  Long Hair
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Mini – 6.8 lbs.

This little longhair doxie/chi mix came to us from the Stanislaus shelter.  We have no idea of what her previous life was like nor why no one ever came looking for her.

Sara is, to put it mildly, is a pistol.  She may be little, but she is a Queen.  She lets all her foster siblings know that she is in the one in charge.  However, no matter how naughty she Is being, all you have to do is call her name and she will instantly behave.

Sara is shy with new people, but she really likes them.  She quickly warms up when she realizes you are not a threat and she is going to get positive attention.  She really is sweet and loving.

Sara enjoys getting a nice walk, and she also likes car rides.  She will take a treat nicely from your hand.   Her favorite thing is to get on the back of the couch and put her front paws around her foster mom’s shoulders, wrapping around her neck.

Sara is at times bothered by seasonal allergies.  The vet has told us she may need occasional treatment for these (such as being given Benadryl), but that if she is adopted out of the Central Valley, she may leave her allergies behind.

Sara is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped, and has had a dental.

If you are interested in Sara, please contact Nicole at nicolesalacain@gmail.com.  An adoption application and home check are required.

The tax deductible donation for Sara is $250.00

Sergio 4077-1 face.jpg

Name: Sergio 4077
Age: ~6 years
Color:  Isabella Piebald
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Small Tweenie – 13.5 lbs.

This chiweenie came to us from SFACC.  He was totally terrified in the shelter, so they asked if we could take him.  He’d clearly had a rough life as he was extremely thin (he was rated a 3 out of 9 on body condition).

When Sergio arrived in rescue, he was, to put it bluntly, “weird”.  He acted as if he had never seen or heard anything.  Other dogs appeared to be a new thing for him and it took him a bit to figure out their behavior.  He had zero expectations about people and showed no interest in them.  For a long time we debated whether Sergio was deaf.  Then we wondered if he had vision issues.  He totally ignored all human conversation.  A high pitched “are you a good boy?” got not even a glance.  Treats? He ignored those too.

Well, now with hindsight it is clear he is not deaf and he can see just fine.  We think he had just not ever had a human talk to him before, so he paid no attention to our sounds.  Getting goodies from a human was also new to him.

After time in foster care, Sergio now knows that humans talk to him.  He responds to commands and he knows his name.  This former treat rejecter now comes racing to get in line when treats are being given out.

What lights Sergio up like a Christmas tree, is the young man in his foster home.  He worships him and waits eagerly at the gate for him.  He likes being held and cuddled by his person.  He is much more suspicious of his foster mom, but our female dog walkers have helped him get a little more comfortable with women.

Sergio is not a dog for kids (although he lets them pet him on walks). Their shrieking and antics will likely stress him.  His ideal home will have at least one male adult.  Sergio really wants a dad.  He would be happy to be an “only dog”.  Another small dog is fine although it might be best if his canine sibling were easy going and confident.

Sergio loves to go for walks.  He also enjoys sunbathing.  He does not bark at squirrels or strange sounds.

Sergio is miserable in his foster home. There are way too many dogs and way too many new dogs arriving.  He just gets comfortable with the pack and then a new member appears and upsets him again.  Sergio wants a quiet, orderly home life.  He loves structure and predictability.

Sergio is neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccinations.  He had a complete dental (but he didn’t lose a single tooth). He is crate trained.

If you are interested in Sergio, please fill out the online adoption application and email Nicole at nicolesalacain@gmail.com.

Adopt Sergio for a modest tax-deductible donation to rescue