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LAST UPDATED: 08-15-18

Rocket 4447-1 face.jpg

Rocket  (4447)
Age:  9 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size: Standard – 20 lbs.

Roscoe 4448-1 face.jpg

Roscoe  (4448)
Age:  9 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size: Standard – 18 lbs.

~ rocket & roscoe are a bonded pair & cannot be separated ~

Rocket and Roscoe were loved and cherished for all their nine years.  Then one owner died, and the other needed to go into assisted living.  No one in the family could take the boys.  They are a very seriously bonded pair.  So, they came to SCDR to find a wonderful home together.

Rocket and Roscoe are very well socialized and enjoy playing with their fellow foster dogs.  The brothers truly love each other and are closely bonded.  Having Rocket and Roscoe is like having one large dog with two heads.  You never see one without the other close-by.

The brothers are house trained and crate trained.  They share a large crate at night and enjoy having fellow foster siblings join them too.  They love to be held and cuddled, and they are not shy about asking for hugs and belly rubs. 

Roscoe 4448 & Rocket 4447-1.jpg

Rocket and Roscoe need a home all on one level as stairs pose a serious danger for back injury at their age.  They are not apartment dogs as they need a dog door and access to a secure yard to continue their good potty habits.  The boys are safe with older children, however, they are not good with small animals – no tiny dogs (Chihuahuas, Yorkies, etc.), no cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters (rodent pets) or reptiles.  No barnyard animals – pygmy goats, chickens, etc.

They are current on shots, very healthy, microchipped.  If you can provide a good home for both of them, please complete our online adoption application, and contact Dena at (562) 694-6868 or email

The tax deductible donation for Rocket and Roscoe is $300.00 together

~ rocket & roscoe are a bonded pair & cannot be separated ~

Shorty Std 4459-1 face.jpg

Shorty  (4459)

Age:  5 years
D.O.B.:  5/28/2013
Color:  Black & Tan
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Standard – 35 lbs.

If you are an aficionado of the full-sized, standard dachshund, then you are going to fall head-over-heels in love with Shorty.

Shorty had the most wonderful home for the past 5 years.  Recent changes in his family’s dynamic have resulted in a move out-of-state to a “no-pets” residence.  We promised to find Shorty the best, loving home for the rest of his life.

Isn’t Shorty super handsome? His pictures do not do him justice.  He has those short doxie legs and big, sparkling brown eyes.  His ears are long and luxurious.  Shorty is house trained, loves leisurely walks where he can stop and smell the roses, and other interesting scents along the way.  He is very good in the car, and wants to ride shotgun or in someone’s lap so he can see out the window.  

Shorty gets along fine with larger and smaller dogs.  He avoids the rambunctious youngsters, and hangs with the older and more sedate of his foster brethren.  His gentle nature may even be compatible with cats.  Shorty came to us from a home where his buddy was an older male Basset Hound.  He would be very happy to have a brother or sister in his new home.

Shorty is a bit nervous when meeting new people and he has not been exposed to very many children, but he is so gentle and sweet, it may not be an issue with children over 8 years old.

Shorty is a couch-potato.  He will take every opportunity to lounge on the sofa, rearrange your decorative pillows, and make himself comfortable.  If you sit with him, he will rest his big head on your lap and enjoy petting and massaging of his velvety soft ears.

Shorty is not a good candidate for apartment or condo living.  He needs a home all on one level (no stairs) with dog-door access to a secure yard so he can continue his good potty habits and to enjoy outdoor sunbathing, and watching birds and squirrels.  He has very short dachshund legs with those chubby dachshund feet.  No jumping off the furniture either.  He would be the perfect travel companion, however, if you enjoy RV life.  He may even like playing in the snow.

Shorty is healthy, fully vaccinated and microchipped.  If you can provide Shorty with the type of home he needs, please call Dena at 562-694-6868 or email at An adoption application and home visit are required.

The tax deductible donation for Shorty is $275.00

Barkley 4458-2 face.jpg

Barkley  (4458)

Age: 11 months
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie – 17 lbs.

Adoption Pending.JPG


Barkley was adopted from the Orange County Shelter back in March 2018 by a young family.  Barkley proved to be just a bit too much for the mom with two toddlers, plus a full-time job with a 1 hour commute each way.  He had too much energy to be locked in an apartment all day.  He needed attention and training, neither of which was available to him.  They wisely asked SCDR to help find Barkley a home with people that could invest the time and effort to train him and give him a lot more love and attention.  We agreed, even though his picture revealed that Barkley was only half dachshund.  The other half is possibly Weimaraner or Vizsla.

Barkley 4458-1 body.jpg

Barkley is very energetic, friendly, outgoing, and affectionate.  He has that puppy enthusiasm for life.  He has all the wonderful attributes of the dachshund, but with taller legs.  This will make him ideal for families who live in a home with stairs.  However, Barkley thinks baby gates are for sissies, and can leap the shorter ones effortlessly with the grace of a Gazelle. 

Barkley is 95% house trained.  Adopters need to remind him periodically to go outside.  Barkley sleeps in the big bed under the covers with his person.  He loves to be held and cuddled, and gives enthusiastic kisses.  

Barkley needs to continue leash training.  He loves other dogs, and just spent the last four months living harmoniously with cats.  He is has a very sweet disposition.  He would enjoy a home with another playful, young dog for fun and games.  Applicants need the following qualifications:

Someone at home most of the day, folks who work from home would be ideal.

  • Previous dachshund experience is a plus but not essential.
  • Another dachshund or small dog for play and companionship.  A playful cat would be OK too.
  • A very secure INDOOR place for Barkley to be when no one is at home.  He can be in a crate for a
    few hours if necessary.
  • Applicants must be between 25 and 65 years of age.
  • No infants or toddlers, please, but we will consider families with children over 8 years old.

Barkley is very healthy, fully vaccinated and microchipped.  If you are interested in Barkley, please contact Dena at (562) 694-6868 or email  An adoption application and home check are required.

The tax deductible donation for Barkley is $275.00

Nugget 4450-1 face.jpg

Nugget  (4450)

Age: 1 year
D.O.B.:  07/17/2017
Color: Red Piebald
Coat: Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Micro-Mini – 6 lbs.

Nugget was found stray and brought to SCDR to wait out the 10 day stray-hold, while we advertised on social media to try to find her people.  After two weeks, and no response, we accepted her as a rescue dog and are trying to find her a permanent, loving home.  Nugget is definitely a dachshund mix, we guess a small terrier judging by the size and shape of her head and ears.  Her stature and body and tail are all dachshund, however.

Nugget 4450-2 body profile.jpg

Nugget is 100% house trained and she has been crate trained, though she much prefers to hang out on the living room sofa or sleep in the big bed with her people.  Nugget is a high-energy dog, and needs someone who likes going for long walks, hiking, maybe the beach, and who can give her a level of activity to tire her out.  A young, active male dog would be a most welcome attribute to the home we choose for her.  She can be pushy with other females.  She loves to play-wrestle and to disembowel stuffed toys, killing the squeaker, then shaking the snot out of them to be sure they are really “dead”.  She has a strong prey-drive.

Nugget is a “Houdini Weenie”.  She can scale a 3 foot baby-gate effortlessly.  Which is probably how she ended up lost and then in rescue in the first place.  Fences and gates need to be at least 4 feet tall.  (No wrought-iron railing, as she can squeeze her body through a 4-5” gap between rails.)  With her energy level, she needs a young family to tire her out.

The ideal home for Nugget would have the following qualities:

  • Someone at home most of the day, stay-at-home moms/dads or folks who work from home.
  • Previous dog experience is a plus.
  • Another small dog (male) for play and companionship. (We don’t think she is good with cats.)
  • A very secure INDOOR place for Nugget to be when no one is at home. (A crate is preferred.)
  • Applicants must be between 25 and 66 years of age.
  • No infants or toddlers, please, but we will consider families with gentle children over 8 years old.

Nugget is fully vaccinated, and microchipped, and is ready for a new home.  If you can provide the type of home she needs, please contact Dena at (562) 694-6868 or email  An adoption application and home check are required.

The tax deductible donation for Nugget is $275.00

Lucky puppy 4444-5 happy boy face.jpg

Lucky (4444)

Age: 1 year
Color: Cream
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size: Standard – 17 lbs.

Lucky was found stray and taken in by a Good Samaritan.  He was infested with fleas, filthy, like he’d been on the streets for a while.  She took him to the vet and had him scanned, but he had no microchip.  She gave him a bath, treated him for fleas, and fed him a hearty meal.  He was very hungry and cleaned his bowl.  She had no way to keep him in her “no pets” residence, so she asked SCDR to take him in.  In the Asian culture, the number 4 is considered a very lucky number.  When we assigned a rescue tag, the next one available was number 4444, so we named him Lucky.

Lucky puppy 4444-3 body.jpg

We believe Lucky is a Lab/Dachshund mix.  He has short legs and a long body of the dachshund, but his face, fur, and ears are that of a small Labrador Retriever.  He is extremely intelligent and a fast learner.

Lucky is crate trained.  He is getting a crash course in house training and doing quite well as long as he is taken outside on a schedule along with having access to the yard with a dog door.  He is affectionate, silly, playful, and healthy.  He needs a home with another dog, definitely a mature female dachshund that can teach him dog manners and mentor in proper dog etiquette.  We recommend attending puppy obedience classes as soon as possible as well, to ensure proper socialization and respect with humans. 

Applicants will need the following qualifications:

Lucky puppy 4444-4 happy boy sit.jpg
  • Someone at home most of the day, stay-at-home moms or folks who work from home.
  • Previous dachshund experience is a plus, but not essential.
  • A mature female dog for mentoring, play, and companionship.
  • A very secure INDOOR place for Lucky to be when no one is at home.
  • Applicants must be between 30 and 66years of age.
  • No infants or toddlers, please, but we will consider families with children over 8 years old.

Lucky is a love-sponge with his people, however, no cats.  He has a strong hunting instinct.

Lucky is fully vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped.  If you can give Lucky the type of home he needs, please contact Dena at (562) 694-6868 or email  An adoption application and home check are required.

The tax deductible donation for Lucky is $300.00

Bailey 4442-7 face best.jpg

Bailey  (4442)

Age:  8 years
D.O.B.:  03/25/2010
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Chubby Tweenie – 18 lbs.

Bailey is a darling little girl who still doesn’t understand why her family left her.  All we know for sure is that her former owner was moving to a home where there were already 2 dogs in the residence and she was unable to take Bailey.  We jumped at the chance to find Bailey a truly loving home.

Bailey 4442-5 bladder stones & ruler.jpg

When she came into rescue, Bailey was sad and uncertain, but she soon realized that this was a pretty good gig.  The food was good, the social life was good, and they let her sleep in the big bed with her foster mom.  At first, we thought she had a UTI.  However, x-rays revealed a far more serious problem - bladder stones.  Bailey had lots of bladder stones and some of them were large.  She had to have emergency surgery.  She must have been suffering for some time. Bailey is so very sweet and she was quite stoic about her pain for quite a while.  She needed a few weeks to recover before she was available for adoption.  She will need to eat a prescription diet (Royal Canin SO) for the rest of her life to prevent the crystals and bladder stones from forming ever again.

She is a pretty girl, who does not look as old as she is supposed to be.  Her vet records say she is 8 years, but she looks and acts a lot younger.  Bailey is also as sweet as pie and loves belly rubs, kisses and being close to her human.

Bailey 4442-4 body post surgery.jpg

Bailey is up for almost anything including walks, car rides and visiting.  Bailey loves to cuddle up to take naps, burrow under covers, go to the beach, play with rope toys, stuffies, chew bones and treats. She is also very happy to nap anywhere in the room with her person (the closer the better) or to watch TV or help you read your book.  She is obviously well trained and was well loved at one time, because she is incredibly eager to please.  If you make it clear to her what you want, she will do everything in her power to provide it. 

Bailey is house trained, dog door trained and crate trained, though she much prefers to sleep in the big bed with her human and the other resident doxies.  She gets along with everyone – no exceptions – be they human or canine, and has lovely manners in every situation.

Bailey’s very favorite activity, if left to her own devices, is to go outside and sun herself until she is nicely toasty.  She loves the yard, the grass, and exploring.  If you think you would enjoy a quiet, ladylike, happy and affectionate companion, then Bailey is the doxie for you.

We are looking for folks who are recently retired, work from home, or who have another dachshund of the male persuasion who wants a loving companion, especially for those times when they must leave the dogs at home alone.  We would like a residence, all on one level, as Bailey has the most adorable short legs and chunky feet and would not be able to handle stairs.  A step or two is fine, but long flights of stairs are a no-no.

Bailey is fully vaccinated, has had a complete dental cleaning, and is microchipped.  If you are interested in giving Bailey a loving home, please contact Dena at (562) 694-6868 or email  An application and a home check are required.

The tax deductible donation for Bailey is $225.00

Cossette LH Std 4441-7 face best.jpg

Cossette  (4441)

Age:  8 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Longhair
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size: Standard - 17 lbs.

Adoption Pending.JPG

Cossette was an owner-surrender at the North Central Los Angeles Shelter.  We were not told the reason for her person leaving her there.  Cossette was shy in the shelter and didn’t “show well”.  Shelters are very scary places, especially for dogs that are mild mannered and sensitive.  Lucky for Cossette, our local representative spotted her, contacted SCDR for help, and obtained the go ahead to pull her for us.

Cossette LH Std 4441-4 spa day.jpg

When Cossette arrived at her foster home, she was very shy.  She needed a little time to process everything that had happened to her.  Once those needs were met, she was a different dog.  Happy, friendly, and affectionate are words that come to mind when we think about Cossette.  She is always smiling.  And she loved her “spa day” at the grooming shop.  They love her there too.

Cossette has had a complete dental that left her without most of her teeth.  It doesn’t stop her from being first in line at chow time.  Softened kibble and canned food are yummy, she says.

From her foster mom:
“Our beautiful foster Cossette (Coco) is doing 200% better. She is such a proper lady that loves to be loved by everyone including gentle children. Her favorite things to do are relax on her big foster siblings big bed, bathe in the sun, meet new friends, getting brushed and pet and off course EAT! (Soft foods only as she has lost most of her teeth) She is not a Barker and responds to her name and most simple commands (i.e. come, sit, go to bed) she is crate trained, potty pad trained and doggy door trained. Her beautiful coat and size are attributed to her mixed breed of dachshund and either cocker or springer spaniel. Although she is considered a senior, her personality seems like she is barely old enough to get her senior discount at Denny's and can finally get a place in an active senior community (if she were human that is).”

Cossette is a wonderful cuddler.  She enjoys snuggling in the big bed as well as cuddling while you watch television or catch up on your reading.  She will curl up in her dog bed while you work at your desk or on the computer.

Cossette LH Std 4441-3 body.jpg

Cossette is a princess.  She might have been an “only dog” in her previous home, and wants to be waited upon hand and foot.  She is a good eater and puts herself to bed at night.  She sleeps in a cushy dog bed in the master bedroom.  She loves going for walks and enjoys rides in the car.  She likes to ride in someone’s lap.

Cossette pretty much ignores the other dogs in her foster home.  She appears to have no interest in cats as well.  As you can see from her picture, Cossette has a docked tail.  We don’t know if it was done for medical reasons, as the result of an accident, or it’s a birth defect.  No matter the reason, she doesn’t miss it, and we were very firm explaining to her fellow foster dogs that making fun of her would not be tolerated.   

Previous experience with longhaired dachshunds would be a plus, but not mandatory.  Cossette’s long coat will require regular brushing and occasional professional grooming so she can look her absolute best.  Families with older children (over 12 years old) or empty-nesters are encouraged to apply for Cossette.  She would be happiest in a home where she can be the center of your universe.  She is house trained and knows how to use a dog door as well.

Cossette is up to date on all her shots, has had a complete dental, and she’s been microchipped.  She is ready to find her forever family.  If you have the type of home Cossette needs, please contact Dena at (562) 694-6868.or email  A home check and adoption application are required. 

The tax deductible donation for Cossette is only $200.00

Cash Dpl 4263-1 face.jpg

Cash (4263)

Age:  6 years
D.O.B.:  2/14/2012
Color:  Black and Tan Dapple
with one blue eye, one brown eye
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie - 15 lbs.

Some dogs come to SCDR with “baggage”.  Cash came to us with what can only be described as “2 suitcases”.  He came to SCDR in December of 2017.  He had been with an elderly lady.  When she passed away, Cash went to stay with her granddaughter.  She had a social life, and Cash, unfortunately, was not very friendly to the man she was dating, or any other man for that matter.  When she asked us for help, we evaluated the situation and decided to help Cash find a good home.  This required Cash get “man only” immersion therapy.  His caregiver is a man.  He walks him, gives him treats, and works with him every day to change Cash’s attitude about men.  So far, it’s working.

Cash Dpl 4263-2 body.jpg

Cash is crate trained, house trained, and knows how to use the dog door.  His foster dad still crates him at night without a fuss.  Cash has made vast improvements in his behavior and attitude.  He is still cautious around new people, but we think he is ready for a home of his own with the right family. 

Cash is not an easy dog.  He is OK with most adults, but he can be particular about who his friends are.  He loves lap-time with his foster dad.  He will take a treat nicely from his hand.  He loves going for walks, and is good in the car if he can ride shotgun.  He is NOT good with cats or strange dogs he sees on his walks. He is fine with his fellow foster dogs at home.  No young children with Cash either.

Cash is best suited for a home with empty-nesters or a family with teenage children - definitely no kids under 14 years of age.  He barks when excited, but not excessively.  He quiets on command.  He will greet his people enthusiastically when they return home after being away for a while.  He bounces up and down with excitement when his food bowl is coming.  He is a very good eater, not picky or finicky.

Are you of the male persuasion and work from home?  Married or single is fine. Cash wants to meet you!  We would like Cash to have a canine companion as well, preferably female with a mild disposition.  He doesn’t handle bossy dogs well.  He needs firm human leadership. Previous experience a must.

Cash is up to date with all vaccines, he’s microchipped, and has no known health issues, so he is now ready to find that perfect home.  If you are interested in Cash, please contact Dena at or call (562) 694-6868.  An adoption application and home check are required.

The tax-deductible donation for Cash is $200.00

Scarlett Std 4432-2 face.jpg

Scarlett  (4432)

Age:  3 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Standard – 33 lbs.

Scarlett and another female dachshund were found abandoned on the streets of L.A. County (we can’t mention the name of the city).  They looked like they had been thrown from a moving vehicle (bumps and scrapes consistent with a fall on asphalt).  Their necks had indentations where collars that were too tight had been removed recently.  They were full of fleas and ticks, had no collars, tags or microchips. 

A Good Samaritan picked them up and then put the word out on Facebook.  SCDR responded that we could take them in.  Unfortunately, both standard doxies were intact females, and they were fighting with each other, so we put them in separate foster homes after they were both spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and had mild dentals.  Too much estrogen and 2 alpha females do not make a good mix.  They both had medicinal baths and were treated for ticks and fleas with Revolution.

Scarlett Std 4432-1 portrait.jpg

Scarlett is crate trained if coaxed to go into the crate.  She prefers to nap on the couch.  She is house trained if there is free-access to a secure yard (dog door or open regular door).  She is very sweet and quiet.  She loves when people are relaxing around her, so she can cuddle and be close.  

Scarlett’s leash skills are a work in progress, but they are getting better.  She is young and powerful.  Walking her will be a challenge if you are approached by a stranger or another dog.  She is a bit nervous riding in the car and is, therefore, secured in the back seat with a seatbelt harness. 

Scarlett prefers to be “only dog”, the center of the universe.  She’s an alpha female, no other female dogs in the home.  A mellow male might work, but Scarlett does get jealous when the other dog receives attention. 

Scarlett is good with mindful, well-behaved children over 8 years old.  She is not safe with cats.  Scarlett does not play with toys.  She is not an excessive barker.  Nor does she whine or cry or bark when in her crate.  She sleeps at night in her crate, but longs to sleep with her person in the big bed.

Scarlett would be a wonderful condo dog.  She is a standard dachshund, and her size is reminiscent of a Labrador Retriever.  She’s like having a condo-sized Lab with a dachshund temperament.  No flights of stairs for this girl (she’s very short), but a few steps (2 or 3) would be OK. 

If you are interested in Scarlett, please contact Dena at (562) 694-6868 or email .  An adoption application and home check are required.

The tax-deductible donation for Scarlett is $300.00

Winnie 4438-1 face.jpg

Winnie  (4438)

Age: ~5-6 years
Color: Red Sable
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed
Size: Mini – 12 lbs.


Winnie’s former owner found her as a stray.  Efforts to locate her family have failed miserably.  He has only had her for 6 weeks, but he is unable to keep her.  When he reached out to us for help, we agreed to help find Winnie a more permanent situation and someone who would love her as much as she loves her people.

Winnie 4438-2 body.jpg

Winnie is absolutely wonderful.  We adore her “wonky” ears.  They most resemble Italian Greyhound ears the way they are set closer to the top of her head and they have a fold in the center.  They give her a sweet, unique look.  Her natural eye-liner gives her those exotic “Cleopatra eyes”.  Check out those beautiful white teeth and nice smile! 

Winnie walks nicely on the leash, and is good on car rides if she can sit in someone’s lap and look out the window.  She loves children and would be OK with children 5 years old and up.  Winnie is very sweet and hungry for love.

Winnie has very short legs, so no stairs in her new home please.  We are looking for a home with a dog door and access to a secure yard so Winnie can run and play.  A laid-back male dachshund companion would be a plus for her as well.

Winnie has been spayed, is fully vaccinated, and is now microchipped.  If you are interested in Winnie, please contact Dena at (562) 694-6868 or email at  An adoption application and home check are required.

The tax deductible donation for Winnie is $200.00

Bella Sr Dpl 4430-1 face.jpg

Bella  (4430)

Age:  12 years
D.O.B.:  10/06/2005
Color:  Black & Tan Dapple
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Tweenie – 15 lbs.

Bella has spent her entire life being a world traveler – literally.  She was originally purchased from a breeder in Indonesia.  She spent most of her life traveling back and forth from California to the Far East with her lady on business, visiting various countries, even The People’s Republic of China.  Home-base was always Southern California.  Now that her lady is retiring and moving permanently to Southeast Asia, she asked that we find Bella a home here in California.  Bella is passed the point of being able to handle the 6 month quarantine required for the final move.

Bella Sr Dpl 4430-2 body.jpg

Bella is a doll.  You can tell by her picture that Bella is a beautiful dachshund.  Look at that gorgeous face and beautiful dappling!  Bella is also an easy dog.  She likes people and gets along with other small dogs.  Respectful children over 8 years old would be ok with her.  Bella’s only quirk is that she doesn’t like to be picked up, so her new family will have to have those little steps or a ramp up to the big bed and to the sofa as a requirement.  Bella prefers to sleep on the big bed if she has a choice.

We don’t know how she feels about cats.  Based on no real information, we prefer to place her in a home with no cats.

Bella wants a home where her people are not gone for long periods of time.  Bella also would benefit from a home that got her out and about for daily socialization and exercise.  Bella is extra short and extra long, so a home all on one level would be best for her. 

Bella is fully vaccinated and microchipped.  She’s had a dental too.  If you are interested in Bella, please fill out the adoption application and contact Dena at 562-694-6868 or email  An application and home check are required.

Adopt Bella for a modest tax-deductible donation to SCDR

Jade Red Dbl Dpl 4400-1 face.jpg

Jade (4400)

Ages:  7 years
Color: Red Double Dapple
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed
Size: Tweenie – 15 lbs.

Jade’s owner had to make a difficult decision when he was being deployed to Afghanistan.  With no family member willing to take her, and deploying in 3 days, he did not want to leave Jade at a shelter.  SCDR stepped up to take Jade into rescue and find her a loving home.

Jade is as sweet as they come.  She is a gentle soul.  All she asks for is good food and a warm comfortable bed, preferably yours, to sleep in.  She likes car rides and plays with toys.  She gets along very well with her fellow rescue dogs in her foster home.  We even think she would be fine with dog-savvy cats.

Jade Red Dbl Dpl 4400-2 body.jpg

Jade is a double-dapple, but luckily is neither blind nor deaf.  She suffers from the dachshund trait “canine selective hearing”.  She hears you when you call her, but takes her sweet time about responding.  Her former owner named her Jade, because of her blue/green eyes.

Healthy, vaccinated, and microchipped, Jade is ready for her new home. She could be an apartment/condo dog if she has access to a secure yard or patio via a dog-door, or if she had someone who is home much of the time so she could go for potty walks.  She would like to have a mild-mannered male companion to keep her company especially when the family has to leave her at home while they are away.

Jade is safe with children 8 years and up.  She’s a bit chubby, so measured portions, regular walks, and no treats for Jade until she loses a pound or two.

Do you have room in your heart and home for Jade?  If you are interested, please contact Dena at (562) 694-6868 or email  An adoption application and home check are required.

The tax deductible donation for Jade is $250.00

Sadie Brindle Pie 4396-1 face.jpg

Sadie (4396)

Age: 11.5 years
D.O.B.:  11/01/2006
Color: Red Brindle Piebald
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed
Size:  Tweenie - 16 lbs.

Sadie came to us sad and confused.  Her owner passed leaving his handicapped wife with no way to care for herself or his dog.  With no other family, a good friend stepped up and took charge of Sadie’s welfare.  After several attempts to place her himself, someone told him about SCDR and he called us.  We were delighted to take Sadie under our wing.

Sadie is so beautiful.  She’s well-behaved, playful, a little barky when meeting new people, but settles down quickly.  She soon worms her way into any available lap or follows you around just wanting to be near you.

Sadie Brindle Pie 4396-2 body.jpg

Sadie gets along with the other dogs in her foster home, and even sleeps with her foster siblings in the big bed. She would be okay as a single little princess, but only if her people didn’t work long hours.  Stay at home moms or folks who work from home would be her ideal home.  She could have a home with a mellow male dachshund if her people worked outside the home.  However, her personality would be overwhelmed by a very dominant dog. 

Sadie is crate trained, and house trained.  She learned how to use the dog door instantly.  She also walks nicely on a leash.  Sadie wants to be wherever her person is and loves to cuddle on the sofa or in the big bed.  She believes no lap should go unoccupied and will seek out her person the minute they sit down.

Sadie is playful, loving, friendly, knows what she wants and how to get it.  She is very easy to get along with and would be a good choice for a family with gentle older children.  We don’t know about cats.

Sadie is healthy, microchipped, and current on her vaccinations.  Sadie is ready for her new home. If you are interested in Sadie, please contact Dena at 562-694-6868 or email  A home check and an adoption application are required.

The tax deductible donation for Sadie is $150.00

Penelope 4395-1 portrait.jpg

Penelope  (4395)

Age: 5 years
D.O.B.:  5/15/2013
Color: Black & White
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed
Size: Mini – 11 lbs.

Penelope (a.k.a. Penny) joined us at SCDR shortly before her 5th birthday.  Her former owner just did not have time for a dog any longer, as work hours became long and Penny was not getting the level of attention she so richly deserved.   Check out those adorable white slippers on her toes and the cute white tip on her tail.  We love her coloring.

Penelope 4395-2 portrait.jpg

Penelope is house trained.  She will need a home with a dog door and access to a secure yard to continue reinforcing her good potty habits.  Fencing must be at least 5 feet tall.  This little girl can leap like a kangaroo!

Penelope is extremely friendly and loves everyone she meets.  She’d be great with an active family with gentle children over 8 years old, and someone to throw her ball for her.  She would love to have a young canine playmate to play with.  She loves other small dogs.

Penelope is very pretty with fur that is soft and plush.  Her heritage is Dachshund/Aussie mix.  She is not a barker, plays with toys, and wants to sleep in the big bed with her people.  People living in two-story homes are encouraged to apply for Penelope.  Stairs are not an issue for this dog.  Penelope needs someone who is home most of the time so she can get the attention and training she needs to be a canine good citizen.

Penelope’s vaccines are up-to-date and she has been microchipped.  If you are interested in Penelope, please complete our online adoption application, and contact Dena (562) 694-6868 or email

The tax deductible donation for Penelope is $275.00

Felix 4364-1 portrait.jpg

Felix (4364)

Age:  1 year
Color: Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie – 14 lbs.

We found Felix and his older brother at the Visalia Animal Care Center.  The boys were picked up stray together.  We bailed them out of the shelter and thanks to our dedicated volunteers they came to our La Habra location for vet care and placement.  However, they did not seem to getting along.  Food seemed to be a trigger for bad behavior.  We have solved this problem by first getting them neutered, which took testosterone out of the equation, and then feeding them separately so neither one felt compelled to protect his bowl. 

Felix is shy and cautious about meeting new people.  .  You can tell he came from a home where he was not given adequate attention or training.  His foster mom and dad are working with him to remedy his deficiencies.  He is being crate trained, and he is receiving a remedial course in house training.  He needs a home with people willing to continue to reinforce his good potty habits and good behavior with crate training, praise and treats.  A dog-door with access to a yard would be a good thing to have for this boy.  He also needs to be taken for walks at least once or twice a day.  His leash training leaves a lot to be desired at this point.  He is very good on car rides. 

Felix needs a home where he has female dog to mentor him and for play and companionship.  We don’t know why, but he does not like to be left alone for more than a couple of hours.  He needs someone who works part time or from home.  If you’ve never had a dachshund before, Felix may be a bit of a challenge to train if you are not experienced. 

Felix gets along with other dachshunds in his foster home, and would really benefit by having a doxie sister.  He loves to play with toys, chase a ball, and play wrestle-mania with his fellow foster dogs.  He would do best in a home with children close to being teenagers.  No babies, toddlers, or pre-schoolers.  He especially would like to be able to sleep in the big bed with his chosen person.  Felix is not safe with cats. 

Fully vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped, Felix is ready for a new wonderful home.  If you can provide Felix with the type of home he needs, please call Dena at 562-694-6868 or email at  An adoption application and home visit are required.

The tax deductible donation for Felix is $300.00

Mona 4327-2 portrait best.jpg

Mona  (4327)
Age:  6 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Mini– 12 lbs.

Lisa 4328-2 portrait best.jpg

Lisa  (4328)
Age:  4 years
Color:  Red/White
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Mini –  11 lbs.

~ mona and lisa are a bonded pair and cannot be separated ~

Mona and Lisa were dumped in a desert shelter after providing their owners with numerous litters of puppies.  They took a bit longer to recover from their spay surgeries, but are better than new now.  We could not believe our good fortune to be able to rescue two really sweet mini girls

The girls are quiet, a bit shy, very sweet, and not barky. They are as fabulous as they come and will make any new family both happy and proud to have this pair.  They are good with children over 10 years old, but would also be great with empty-nesters as well.  (No babies, toddlers or pre-schoolers.)  We don’t know how they feel about cats. 

They have had very little leash training.  They are excelling at crate training.  Both are playful with each other.  They sleep peacefully in their crate at night in the master bedroom, curling up side by side until morning. Their foster mom is working on house training and how to use a dog door.  We are looking for a family with a home all on one level with access to a secure yard via a dog door, that are willing to continue to reinforce good potty habits.

Mona 4327 & Lisa 4328 portrait 2.jpg

Mona and Lisa are beautiful and have sleek smooth coats.  Mona is the more outgoing of the two.  Lisa is a little shy and will take a few days to warm up to a new family, but it is well worth the wait.  They love to be held, and enjoy belly rubs and ear massages.  They are expert couch potatoes, choosing to perch on the back of the couch to get a good view of the household’s comings and goings.  They both love to explore the yard, and can often be found outside enjoying sunning themselves on the back porch.  They want to snuggle up with each other as much as possible.

Mona and Lisa are fully vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped.  They have received dental care.  All they need is a family to love them for the rest of their lives.  Do you have an empty lap that needs warming?  Does your face need washing with doggie kisses?  Then Mona and Lisa are up to the task.

If you can provide these two a loving home together, please contact Dena at 562-694-6868 or email   A home check and an adoption application are required.   

The tax deductible donation for Mona and Lisa is $300.00 for the pair.
~ They are not available individually ~