SCDR has been on a mission to rescue as many dachshunds as possible since 1994.  From the great state of California to Reno, Nevada, SCDR is rescuing dachshunds from whatever misfortune has befallen them, giving them whatever medical attention they need, providing a bit of basic training, and lovingly caring for them until the day they are adopted into their new forever homes.

Please inquire and we''ll work with you to transfer them to where you live, or you can pick them up.  Please contact us for more info.

LAST UPDATED: 08-15-18

Daphne 4248-2.jpg


Age:  approximately 5yrs
Color:  Black
Coat:  Short
Sex:  Female/spayed
Size:  Tweenie – 17 lbs.


Daphne was picked up off the streets in Roseville California, about 90 miles west of Reno Nevada April 2018.  Daphne was traveling with another female dachshund and although she was nervous, she immediately approached the animal control officer when called, and the two of them were taken into custody.

Neither girl was wearing a collar, or had a microchip.  No lost slips had been filed by a desperate owner trying to locate these two precious girls at the Placer County SPCA.

Upon arrival, Daphne was subjected to a battery of evaluations, temperament, dog-to-dog interaction, and human interaction. She passed all with flying colors!  They spayed her, updated her vaccines, polished her teeth, and got her ready to meet a new family.

Unfortunately, when the blood test results came back, she was positive for heartworms.

This was a devastating blow, as it was either find a rescue group willing to take the time and huge expense to improve her situation, or let her expire.  When they contacted SCDR, there was another rescue group vying for the girls, but when they learned Daphne would require several months of very expensive ongoing medical treatment, they bowed out and we stepped up. So glad we did.

Daphne 4248-4 portrait.jpg

Daphne is a little shy at first, we don’t believe she was picked up or held in a lap too much, but she is now a favorite snuggle bug on the couch with her foster siblings.

Both Daphne and her female companion may have been used as back yard breed dogs. Daphne is able to hold bladder and bowels for extended periods of time, and gets a little bit nervous when she goes outside for the first time in the morning.  She now has access in and out of the house all day long at her convenience, and has NEVER had an accident inside her foster home.

It appeared that Daphne had very recently weened puppies, as she definitely had just finished nursing when she was found. She did not display any affection towards her foster mom or dad, and really was not too interested in the foster dogs she was now living with. Just recently, she began showing lots of affection to her foster parents, and she gets along well with the foster siblings.

Occasionally, she wants to dominate a lap and will try to nudge others out of her way. A quick verbal disapproval “stop” by her foster mom stops any unwanted behavior.  It is apparent that Daphne wants to be a princess! What a surprise from a dachshund!

Daphne is pretty quiet for a dachshund, rarely barks, but a deep voice when she does, and she will alert if she feels something is not right outside.  She enjoys an afternoon nap in the sunshine, hunting lizards and other backyard creatures, and exploring new smells and sights.  Daphne is an excellent spoon-licker, and she polishes the bottom of her food bowl.  She enjoys a plastic chew bone now and then.

She walks well on a leash, would be a wonderful RV companion, and is a sweet, mellow little girl.  Daphne enjoys a little bit of play with a toy, but is content to be with you. She would enjoy a fellow dachshund to keep company with, would fit in with older children, and of course wants to be your princess.

Daphne will require monthly heartworm medication for a lifetime, it is less than $10.00 per month.

If you are able to provide a loving home for Daphne, please fill out the online adoption application.  Feel free to contact her foster mom Dawn, at

The tax-deductible donation for Daphne is $275.00