We have many dachshunds fostered in Northern California. If you live in Southern California, you can still adopt them! Please inquire and we might be able work with you to transfer them down to where you live, or you can pick them up. Please contact us for more info.

LAST UPDATED: 10-12-17

Dash 3966-1 face.jpg
Dash 3966-2 body.jpg

Name:  Dash3966
Age: 5 years
Color: Red Dapple
Coat: Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Mini – 9 lbs.


Dash made his way to SCDR (along with his mother) via a backyard breeder who decided to pursue another business, thankfully.  We named him Dash for obvious reasons, as he is so dashingly handsome!!  He’s a 5 year old energetic, hidden dapple red male.  He is a mini, at approximately 9 lbs. and will still need to add a little more weight.

Dash follows his foster mom with such a submissive, sweet spirited nature!  He loves to cuddle on the sofa, nap in the bed, but he is also crate trained at night.  We believe he would really like to sleep in the big bed at night if invited to do so.

Dash loves going on walks and does well on a leash with no pulling (which we always appreciate).  He loves to play with other dogs and looks forward to meeting them.  Dash has never met a person he didn’t like.  He doesn’t know what to do with toys, because he likely didn’t get them as a puppy.

Dash loves to eat! (What dachshund doesn’t?)  He is OK sharing a “community bowl” if he has to, but much prefers his own portion in a bowl by itself.

Dash is getting a refresher course in house training and is doing well, but his new family will have to be committed to continuing to take him outside on a regular schedule so he can continue to establish good potty habits.

Dash is healthy, fully vaccinated, and microchipped.  He has had a complete dental, and did not lose any teeth. 

If you are interested in providing Dash a wonderful home, please contact Jenaveve at creative.veve@comcast.net.  An adoption and a home check are required.

The tax deductible donation for Dash is $300.00

Mila WH 4210-1 face.jpg
Mila WH 4210-2 portrait.jpg

Name:  Mila  4210
Age:  5 months
Color:  Chocolate & Tan
Coat:  Wirehair
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Tweenie – currently 8.7 lbs.

How can anyone resist this little girl’s face?  She is off the charts cute.  She came to us a stray from Modesto.  She and the mom of the litter we also pulled came in at the same time and seem to know each other.  Not sure how these dogs were strays but someone’s loss is your gain.

Mila is extremely people friendly and loves getting attention.  She really wants to have some folks of her own, so she could get more love and cuddles.  Mila is also great with all the other dogs.  As a puppy, she is appropriately submissive to them and accepts their corrections.

Mila has a lovely wire doxie face, but her longer legs hint there is something besides doxie in their as well.  Due to her longer legs, stairs should not be a back issue for this beauty.

As is the case with all puppies, Mila may chew on anything, even inappropriate objects.  Be prepared to lose your prescription glasses, your iPad, and your expensive shoes.  Future homes should be committed to continue with socialization and with daily exercise.

The ideal home for Mila will have the following qualifications:

  • Someone at home most of the day, stay-at-home parents, or folks who work from home.
  • Another small, young dog for play and companionship.
    (Puppies often torment older dogs so if you have a senior dog already, you may want to wait a few years before getting a puppy or get a dog age 5+)
  • A very secure INDOOR place for the puppy to be when no one is at home.
  • Applicants must be between 25 and 65 years of age.
  • No infants or toddlers, please, but we will consider families with children over five years old.
  • Previous puppy experience is a plus but not absolutely essential.

Mila is spayed, vaccinated and micro chipped. She sleeps in a crate at night.  If you are interested in Mila, please fill out the online adoption application and email Nicole at nicolesalacain@gmail.com.

The tax deductible donation for Mila is $300.00

Tucker LH 4203-2 face.jpg
Tucker LH 4203-3 tongue.jpg

Name: Tucker  4203
Age:  ~1 year
Color:  Black
Coat:  Longhair
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Mini – 10.8 lbs.

* adoption pending *

Tucker is yet another great dog that showed up as a stray in a Central CA shelter.   With his looks and charm how could we resist him?

This boy is all puppy.  He has boundless energy and enthusiasm.  He loves to play and his foster canine siblings have done a great job of teaching him appropriate play manners.  He would do best in a home where he would have a playful buddy and plenty of walks and outings.

Tucker is as thrilled with people as he is with all the dogs he has met.  We think respectful children would be OK with him.  When he has worn himself out from his almost non-stop partying, he likes to settle down and cuddle with his peeps.

Tucker’s coat will need brushing to keep it looking fly.  He has the most amazing long hair on his feet which makes them look adorably huge.

Tucker is neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccinations.  If you are interested in Tucker, please fill out the online adoption application and email Kari at kparadiso2705@yahoo.com.

The tax deductible donation for Tucker is $450.00

Jake 4202-1 face.jpg
Jake 4202-2 body.jpg

Name:  Jake  4202
Age:  5 years
Color:  Black & Tan
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Standard – 20 lbs.


The stunning Jake came to us as an owner-surrender.   These people had adopted Jake as a 1 year old from a Las Vegas shelter.  While well meaning, they really didn’t understand dachshunds.  Jake was left alone for long hours each day, and he did not have a firm pack leader giving him the structure he craves.

In foster care, we have learned that Jake is a bit of a loner.  He could have a canine companion, but don’t expect Jake to be a playmate for another dog.  He has no issues with any of the doxies and Chihuahuas in his foster home, but he doesn’t interact much other than laying down with them.

Jake very much loves HIS people.  New people - not so much.  He needs time to get used to strangers.  (He is not aggressive but he does bark at them).  Sadly, it appears Jake may have been abused at some point in his past.  He sometimes will cower when you call him and act like he is going to be hit.  Fortunately, this heartbreaking behavior does dissipate as he gets comfortable and trusts the people around him.

Jake loves to go for walks and he enjoys a good game of fetch.  He is very athletic, so a home that would take him hiking and on long walks would be wonderful.

Jake does not want to be an alpha dog.  He wants a pack leader with consistent rules and expectations.  He has had his fill of being left alone for 12 hours/day and now wants a home where his people are around more. 

Jake is neutered, microchipped, and is current on his vaccinations.  He has beautiful looking teeth.  

If you are interested in Jake, please complete the online adoption application, and email Kari at kparadiso2705@yahoo.com.

The tax deductible donation for Jake is $250.00

Gigi 4085-2 body.jpg
Gigi 4085-1 face.jpg

Name:  Gigi  4085
Age:  2 years
Color:  Black & Tan
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
 Size:  Mini – 8.3 lbs.

Gigi has had a very rough start to her life.  She had an owner that never, ever took her out.  Gigi had never been on a leash.  She never met new people.  She never had any adventures.  (Not only her lack of socialization, but her nails supported her past of never leaving the house.  Poor thing had nails curling into her paw pads when she was rescued).  When her owner then died, Gigi was alone with the deceased for 4 days.  No food and no water in the summer heat.  Eventually the police were called and Gigi tried protecting the body from them.  One officer, who made no attempt to soothe her, snared her with a catch pole, lifted her by the neck and shoved her into a crate.

From there, Gigi went to a terrifying shelter.  This poor girl was almost catatonic with fear and shock as a result of all that had happened.  Because she was so scared, she was not going to be made adoptable.  A shelter volunteer lobbied us to take her and even agreed to short term foster her.  How could we say no to such an offer?

Gigi is incredibly cute.  She has a very puppy looking face.  She is also a tiny little thing.  She is another silent dog that does not seem to be interested in barking.

In rescue, Gigi has been extremely skittish, but she is friendly if given time and treats.  Gigi is a poster dog for why we preach constantly about socialization.  She can and will get better, but it will take time.  She is making progress each week, but will require new owners who are very patient with her.  Right now, she comes up to us and sometimes will let us pick her up, but she needs a home that can really spend time with her.  In her much quieter first foster home, she would crawl into her foster mom’s lap for loving.  (In her current foster home the hooligan dogs demand the lap).  A friendly small canine sibling would help her feel braver.  Gigi is likely to be workable with cats, especially since she is about half their size.  We do not think Gigi is appropriate for a home with younger children.

Gigi is not yet leash trained so she needs a home with a yard, and people willing to put in the time and effort to bring her training up to date.

We have had Gigi spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped.  She also had her teeth cleaned.  (A diet devoid of crunch left them pretty icky.  This is another reason not to feed people food to a dog).

If you are interested in Gigi, please contact Nicole at Nicolesalacain@gmail.com and complete the online adoption application.

The tax deductible donation for Gigi is $225.00

Josh 4089-1 face.jpg
Josh 4089-2 body - smile.jpg

Name:  Joshua  4089
Age:  9 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie – 15.4 lbs.

* adoption pending *

Joshua was an owner-surrender to a high kill shelter in Southern California.  One of our supporters lobbied hard to save this boy.  We admit, his shelter video of the friendliest, happiest little guy we’ve seen in some time was quite persuasive.  Thanks to the wonderful volunteers with the At-Choo Foundation who pulled him from the shelter and provided short term foster care (and vet checkup/bloodwork!), we were able to save Joshua.

Joshua is a silly little guy.  This bright eyed, people focused dog exudes happiness.  He’s super friendly when he is comfortable.  However, he is less comfortable if he has to deal with a new place along with new people.  He wants new people, familiar place or new place, familiar people.   We understand his caution given some things we know about him.  He arrived un-neutered with a horrible, smelly, extremely painful mouth infection.  He also had buckshot under his skin.  Clearly, he was not on the receiving end of much care or kindness in his past life.

Joshua is working hard to put all of that behind him.  He loves to cuddle and is ready to be your lap dog any time you sit down.  He also really enjoys giving kisses.  And now that we have treated his previously stinky mouth, we don’t mind receiving them!

Joshua is comfortable with both men and women - having a different gender favorite in his foster home and his temporary medical foster home.  He has proven he is up for a marathon movie watching session or watching long football games.  In addition to this sofa time, Joshua loves to get out and about.  Daily walks are high on his want list for his next home.

Joshy has been fine with all the other dogs he has been around, but we also think he could be your one and only.

Joshua has a very devoted fan club comprised of those he has met along his rescue journey. They very much would like a home for Joshy that will provide an occasional update on him.  This boy has touched a lot of hearts. 

Joshua is now neutered, microchipped, and is current on his vaccinations.  He had an extensive dental and now has very few teeth remaining.  If you are interested in Joshua, please complete the online application and email Nicole at Nicolesalacain@gmail.com.

Adopt Joshua for a modest tax-deductible donation to rescue

Heidi 4086-1 face.jpg
Heidi 4086-2 body.jpg

Name:  Heidi  4086
Age: ~5 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Tweenie – 12.7 lbs.

Heidi came to us from the Stockton shelter where she was picked up as a stray.  She was not adoptable due to fear, and her time was just about up.  We were able to save her in the nick of time, thanks to Carole Davidson who agreed to be a short term foster.  This gave us the badly needed time to get a more permanent foster spot.

If all dogs were like Heidi, having 20 at the same time would be no problem.  This little girl is absolutely delightful!  She is a bit shy with strangers but she really does like people and wants to be with them.  She has been fine with every other dog in her foster home.

And something we love?  Heidi is a very quiet dog.  We have never heard her bark although lately she has started to quietly whine when the dog walker comes, hoping it is her turn to go.  These walks have been great for her confidence.  Her new home should be committed to continuing with Heidi’s socialization.

This girl could easily fit into most homes.  She’s cute, people friendly, dog friendly and quiet. What’s not to love?   We also think she would be workable with cats.

We have had Heidi spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.  She has also had a badly needed dental.

If you are interested in Heidi, please contact Nicole at Nicolesalacain@gmail.com and complete online adoption application.

The tax deductible donation for Heidi is $225.00

Bubba LH 4084-1 face.jpg
Bubba LH 4084-2 body.jpg

Name: Bubba  4084
Age: 10 years
Color: Red
Coat: Longhair
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie – 16 lbs.

* adoption pending *

We’ve never had a dog that looks like Bubba.  He has the most darling face!!  Whatever he has besides doxie sure created a cute dog!!   Not only a great face, but short, fat legs and paws and a wonderful long hair coat.   This big head boy is sure to get lots of comments when taken out and about.

Bubba came to us via the SJACC where his owners dumped him.   We don’t know why they were so heartless.  Maybe because he was getting old, maybe because it was clear his mouth needed medical attention.  We never understand how folks can be so cruel to a long term companion.

Because of his fear and his age, Bubba was placed on the rescue list.  We have been so overly full for so long, we haven’t been opening the list.  However, one of our supporters contacted us directly about Bubba.  We tried to ignore the plea, but after another 5 days when he was still at the shelter, we caved and Bubba came to SCDR.

Bubba is friendly with people from the moment he meets them.  He is happy to greet strangers.  We think he could do well with respectful children.  He is fine with the other dogs, although he much prefers the female dogs.  He could also be an “only dog”.  He is an easy, go-with-the-flow guy at his foster home.  Bubba still has lots of energy and would love to be able to go for walks and romps.  We’ve not heard any barking from him (yet) so he might do well as a condo dog.

Bubba is neutered, microchipped, and current on his vaccinations.  And those bad teeth? Bubba has had a major dental.  Bubba is crate trained, a big plus, especially if you travel.  A crate trained dog is welcome at almost every hotel.

If you are interested in Bubba, please fill out the online adoption application and email Nicole at nicolesalacain@gmail.com.

Adopt Bubba for a modest tax-deductible donation to rescue

April 3970-5 dog bed.jpg
April 3970-2 Face post surgery.jpg

Name:  April  3970
Age:  7-8 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Standard – 22 lbs.

Whoever gets to adopt April will be getting a really, really nice dog.  We believe that April is a “Deagle”, dachshund/beagle mix.  April is very sweet and she gets along with other dogs.

We rescued April from a Central California shelter.  She came to us in with a critical condition that she had for quite some time. She had a massive inguinal hernia (An inguinal hernia is a condition in which the abdominal contents protrude through the inguinal canal or inguinal ring, an opening which occurs in the muscle wall in the groin area.)  April needed immediate surgery if we wanted to save her and the veterinarians weren’t sure that they could save her at all. In the end, it took 3 surgeries over approximately a four month time, but we are happy to say that she is doing fantastic now.  She feels like a new dog and she acts like a spring chicken running around.

April’s foster parents kept her separate from their other dogs until she had completely recovered from surgery number 3.  They didn’t want any rough-housing that could cause a problem to the hernia.  April was thrilled once the intros started.  She would really like to play with them, but so far the foster parent’s other 2 dachshunds aren’t having it.

April is a very, very easy dog.  She is a little shy with new people but very sweet.  The staff at the vet hospital also remarked on numerous occasions that she is so easy and so good through all procedures.

April’s one fault is that she has separation anxiety.  She would prefer someone who is home most of the time.  Her foster parents work full time and April does get upset.  If you are work from home, are a stay at home parent or recently retired, April would be a good fit.

April is great in the car and she LOVES going for rides in the car.  She also loves walks, but pulls a little.  April hasn’t had any accidents in the house, and she is crate trained.  She sleeps in the crate at night, but her preference would be in the big bed.  April has longer legs, so stairs should not be an issue.  No apartments or condos, because she will bark when her people are away.  April hasn’t been tested with children, but because of her sweet demeanor we feel she would be fine with gentle children ages 10 and up.

April is spayed, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and had her teeth cleaned.  She’s all dressed up and ready to go.  If you are interested in April, please contact Janice at rplsecr@yahoo.com and complete our adoption application.

The tax deductible donation for April is $150.00


~ courtesy listing ~

Bella -1 body.jpg
Bella -2 face.jpg

Name: Bella
Age:  approx. 7.5 years
Color: Black, Tan & White
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed
Size: Tweenie – ~15-16 lbs.

~ Bella is being fostered in Concord, CA ~

bella is Safe with Cats!

Bella lost the only home she’s ever known, because her owner was forced to move and could not find accommodations that allowed her to keep Bella. 

Bella is a chiweenie (Dachshund/Chihuahua mix), and has the best of both breeds.  She greets people nicely and gets along with other dogs and cats after careful introductions.  Bella is best suited for a retired person, but with her personality and talents, she could be a sweet family dog if the children are older, dog-savvy and respectful.  

Bella is very dedicated and loyal to her person/family.  She loves to cuddle, sit with you while you watch TV or read.  She is always wagging and smiling.

Bella lost some of her house training following a surgery to remove bladder stones.  She needs someone patient and able to take Bella outside frequently to relieve herself.  She knows how to use the doggy door to go outside, but still needs to be reminded.  She sleeps in her crate in the master bedroom without a fuss.

Due to Bella’s previous surgery, she has to eat a prescription diet that is available at any vet’s office (or online with a prescription from the vet).  This is for the rest of her life to prevent crystals and stones from forming in her bladder again.  The food is no more expensive than a premium brand of dog food.

Bella would be perfect for downstairs condo or apartment dwellers that need a smaller dog to comply with residential restrictions.  She could be an “only dog” or have a dog or cat companion.

Bella’ vaccines are up-to-date and she is healthy.  If you are interested in Bella, please complete our online adoption application, and contact Dena at (562) 694-6868 or email Dena@SCDR.org.

The tax deductible donation for Bella is $100.00

Sergio 4077-1 face.jpg

Name: Sergio #4077
Age: ~6 years
Color:  Isabella Piebald
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Small Tweenie – 13.5 lbs.

This chiweenie came to us from SFACC.  He was totally terrified in the shelter, so they asked if we could take him.  He’d clearly had a rough life as he was extremely thin (he was rated a 3 out of 9 on body condition).

When Sergio arrived in rescue, he was, to put it bluntly, “weird”.  He acted as if he had never seen or heard anything.  Other dogs appeared to be a new thing for him and it took him a bit to figure out their behavior.  He had zero expectations about people and showed no interest in them.  For a long time we debated whether Sergio was deaf.  Then we wondered if he had vision issues.  He totally ignored all human conversation.  A high pitched “are you a good boy?” got not even a glance.  Treats? He ignored those too.

Well, now with hindsight it is clear he is not deaf and he can see just fine.  We think he had just not ever had a human talk to him before, so he paid no attention to our sounds.  Getting goodies from a human was also new to him.

After time in foster care, Sergio now knows that humans talk to him.  He responds to commands and he knows his name.  This former treat rejecter now comes racing to get in line when treats are being given out.

What lights Sergio up like a Christmas tree, is the young man in his foster home.  He worships him and waits eagerly at the gate for him.  He likes being held and cuddled by his person.  He is much more suspicious of his foster mom, but our female dog walkers have helped him get a little more comfortable with women.

Sergio is not a dog for kids (although he lets them pet him on walks). Their shrieking and antics will likely stress him.  His ideal home will have at least one male adult.  Sergio really wants a dad.  He would be happy to be an “only dog”.  Another small dog is fine although it might be best if his canine sibling were easy going and confident.

Sergio loves to go for walks.  He also enjoys sunbathing.  He does not bark at squirrels or strange sounds.

Sergio is miserable in his foster home. There are way too many dogs and way too many new dogs arriving.  He just gets comfortable with the pack and then a new member appears and upsets him again.  Sergio wants a quiet, orderly home life.  He loves structure and predictability.

Sergio is neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccinations.  He had a complete dental (but he didn’t lose a single tooth). He is crate trained.

If you are interested in Sergio, please fill out the online adoption application and email Nicole at nicolesalacain@gmail.com.

Adopt Sergio for a modest tax-deductible donation to rescue

Name:  Esme  3796
Age:  5 years
Color:  Black
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Standard – 18 lbs.

Esme got lucky because we were in the car when we got the call about her.  The shelter worker swore she was a purebred dachshund so we agreed to take her without seeing her picture.  As you can tell, Esme is actually a dachshund mix.

Esme originally came into the shelter over a year ago where she promptly gave birth to a litter of puppies. After raising her babies, she made her way to rescue.  We were told she had to be an only dog.  This turned out to be very wrong.

Esme actually likes other dogs and she needs at least one in her new home or she gets separation anxiety. A calm, confident male dog would be best.  (And wouldn’t it be cute if she had a black lab brother? She would look like his mini me!). Her foster home is always bringing home new fosters and Esme is one of the dogs we never have to worry about with the newcomer(s).   A sniff of the newbie and she is ready to move on with playing.  Friendly as she is with dogs in her home, she does have a bit of leash reactivity while on walks.

Esme’s best feature is that she ADORES humans. All shapes, all ages, all sizes, all ages.  Loves, loves, loves them. She thinks cuddling up and watching TV is the bomb.  Sleep on the big bed? She’s be happy to join you. Any attention is good attention in her book.

Esme loves activities.  She never wears out on a walk and she is a dedicated squirrel stalker.

Sweet as she is, Esme does have a few quirks. An example, is that she hates wind chimes.  We are not sure what they ever did to her but we are looking for a chime free home for her.  She also is food possessive of her bowl (only with the other dogs, not with people).   And to keep other dogs from eating, she will try and eat all the food.  Feeding her in a crate (which she loves) will solve any issues.  She also is not good with cats.

Esme is crate trained and sleeps quietly in her crate at night.  She has been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.  If you are interested in adopting Esme, please fill out the online adoption application and email Lindy at linla@comcast.net.

The tax deductible donation for Esme is only $125.00