We have many dachshunds fostered in Northern California. If you live in Southern California, you can still adopt them! Please inquire and we might be able work with you to transfer them down to where you live, or you can pick them up. Please contact us for more info.

LAST UPDATED: 06-20-17

Name:  Happy Jack  3974
Age:  1 year
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Standard – 25 lbs.


Our Central CA Rep received a call from our volunteer, Natasha, asking if she could please pull Happy Jack from Central CA SPCA.  Happy Jack’s time was up and he was going to be euthanized just because he ended up at the high kill shelter, and he had some mild skin issues (the skin issues are cleared up now).  Natasha couldn’t let him die, so we said yes she could pull Happy Jack and foster him.

Happy Jack got his name for a reason.  He is a happy, goofy, sweet boy.  We feel he would be a nice family dog.  And Happy Jack is good with other dogs who are smaller than him.

Jack is good on leash and he is also good in the car and he enjoys going for rides in the car.

We don’t know what Jack’s heritage is.  Our guess is possibly dachshund/boxer or dachshund/terrier or dachshund/boxer/lab. Y our guess is as good as ours.  What we do know is that Happy Jack is a really nice dog deserving of a wonderful forever home.  And Jack has another plus, because he is a dachshund mix and his legs are longer so stairs will never be an issue.

Happy Jack is neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated.  If you are interested in adopting Happy Jack, please email Janice at rplsecr@yahoo.com and complete our online application using the button below.

The tax deductible donation for Happy Jack is $125.00


Name:  Bunny  3871
Age:  4 years
Color:  Brindle
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Mini – 10 lbs.



Bunny ended up as a stray in a small town that does very few adoptions out of the shelter.  Prior to Bunny doing her stray hold through the shelter, people in that town had seen Bunny wandering the streets for a few weeks.  We jumped at the chance to help this gorgeous little girl find the perfect, forever home. We almost hated to post her on our website knowing what a frenzy a young, tiny, female, brindle would create. Purebred brindle dachshunds are rare, and a tiny, purebred, brindle female who is super sweet as well is even rarer. 

Bunny is great with other dogs and she would like another small dog in her adoptive home.  We will consider potential adopters who have another small dog.  If you are looking for a pair, Bunny is friends with Happy Jack in her foster home.  Happy Jack is also available for adoption in the listing above.

Bunny is good on a leash and she enjoys going for walks.  She is also good in the car and she enjoys going for rides in the car.

Bunny is very sweet but because of her small size she could be injured by a small child.  We will consider families with respectful children ages 10 and up.

Bunny has been spayed, microchipped and vaccinated.  If you are interested in adopting Bunny, please email Janice at rplsecr@yahoo.com and complete our online application using the button below. 

The tax deductible donation for Bunny is $400.00
(Bunny and Happy Jack together are only $450.00)


Name: Tommy 3991
Age: ~6 months
Color: Red Sable
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size: Est to be small tweenie (~12 lbs) as adult

We know Tommy is not a purebred dachshund, but is he not the cutest puppy ever? He has a little elf face and German Shepherd size ears.   Everybody wants to squeeze him!

If you read our bios, you know we often have shy dogs that we say need a new home with a confident canine sibling?  Well, Tommy is the epitome of a confident dog.  When he first arrived, a cranky dog kept trying to repeatedly nip him.  Tommy always responded as if he had been asked to play.  He’s not afraid of anyone or anything. The world is just one big adventure for this baby boy and he assumes everyone and everything loves him.  (With his cuteness, his assumption has so far proven correct.)
Tommy loves to be involved in whatever you are doing, no matter what it is.  At the dog park, Tommy is the favorite of big dogs.  He goes to outdoor concerts and crowded downtowns with nary a care in the world.

Tommy came to us after having been surrendered to a high kill shelter for having a seizure.  Tommy is currently not any medication and he has been seizure free for the last 4 plus months.  We speculate that the seizures were caused by treatment with flea medicine that was not appropriate for young puppies or that he might have gotten into some type of poison.

The ideal home for Tommy is one where he gets lots of attention and exercise.  He is very energetic so he needs daily walks and hikes.  He would adore a canine sibling or two.  He needs a nimble owner as he is a master at being underfoot and has brought down more than one human who didn’t notice him.  Right now he is going thru a mouthy phase, so we think children should be 8 or up. Tommy seems more likely to annoy a cat than to attack it.

What else makes the ideal home?

  • Someone at home most of the day, stay-at-home parents, or folks who work from home.
  • Another small, young dog for play and companionship.  (Puppies often torment older dogs so if you have a senior dog already, you may want to wait a few years before getting a puppy or get a dog age 5+).
  • A very secure INDOOR place for the puppy to be when no one is at home.
  • Applicants must be between 25 and 65 years of age.
  • No infants or toddlers, please, but we will consider families with children over eight years old.
  • Previous puppy experience is a plus but not absolutely essential.

Tommy is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.  He is crate trained.

If you are interested in Tommy, please fill out the online adoption application and email Nicole at nicolesalacain@gmail.com.

The tax deductible donation for Tommy is $200.00

Brooks Pie 3990-1 face.jpg
Brooks Pie 3990-2 body.jpg

Name:  Brooks  3990
Age:  12 months
Color:  Red Piebald
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie – 14.5 lbs.

*adoption pending*

Brooks came to us because his owner was not supposed to have a dog in her apartment.  We were happy to welcome him into SCDR.

Brooks is a very tender hearted dog.  Because he was illegal, he received little socialization outside of his home.  This has left him shy in new situations.   Poor boy had not even seen another dog since his litter mates, so it was a shock to him when he came into a crowded foster home.  It took a week or so, but he finally relaxed and began to enjoy romping with the other youngsters.  He now greets newcomers with a wagging tail and an offer to play.  Brooks has recently started going on walks and he absolutely adores them.  The walks have really helped his confidence.

Brooks would really benefit having a new home with a confident, playful dog his size.  We believe he would be fine with older children.  So far he has not shown any prey drive so he may be workable with cats.

It is imperative that a new home continue to get Brooks out into the world and give him new experiences.   He’s been soaking up things like a sponge so now is the time. This is also important because he is young and energetic and he needs regular exercise.

We had this lovely boy neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.  He is crate trained and sleeps quietly in his until it is time to get up in the morning.  He is doing extremely well on his housebreaking (with a dog door).

If you are interested in Brooks, please fill out the online adoption application and email Nicole at nicolesalacain@gmail.com.

The tax deductible donation for Brooks is $400.00

Name:  Hugo  4025
Age:  11 years
DOB:  1/12/2006
Color:  Black & White Piebald
Coat: Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie – 13 lbs.

*adoption pending*

Hugo, a beautiful piebald, came into rescue when his human had to go into a skilled nursing facility.  Dogs were not allowed in the facility and no family members would take Hugo so he made his way to SCDR.

Hugo is a very handsome dog who is all about laps.  He is very much a cuddler, and anyone who sits down and has a lap is warmly welcomed by Hugo.  Hugo loves to play with squeaky toys.  He also loves the ball, (which he will chase and bring back), and stuffed toys (which he guts in about five minutes).  Hugo gets along well with other dogs, and may be workable with cats.

Most folks would not guess that Hugo is 11 years old, because of his good health and his higher energy level.  He is a very nice mix of mellow and energetic.  He likes going for walks, but is just as happy sitting next to his person on the couch.  He loves playing with the puppy that is in the foster home, yet he will also hang out in his crate taking a nap.  Hugo loves car rides (his human used to take him out everywhere).  He is also really smart, and knows "sit" and "stay”.

Hugo sleeps in his crate at night, knows how to use puppy pads, and is house trained (although he will likely need a refresher in a new home).

Hugo has been neutered, vaccinated, and is microchipped.  He also just had a full dental and is ready to go home.  If you are interested in adopting Hugo, please fill out the online adoption application and email Althea at atkippes@gmail.com.

You can adopt Hugo for a modest donation to rescue

Name:  Raymond 3983
Age:  8 years
Color:  Black & Tan
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Mini – 11.6 lbs.

Raymond came to us from the Stockton shelter.  He was a medical mess, but a personality winner.  Raymond had been attacked by a large dog and had serious bite marks and fractured ribs.  He was in a great deal of pain and the shelter was considering euthanasia if he showed signs of decline.  We decided he needed a chance and with help of a wonderful transporter, we brought him to rescue. 

Raymond appears to have had no medical care in his lifetime, so in addition to his injuries, he wasn’t neutered, he had a serious heart murmur, and an oral fistula; his teeth were in horrible shape; and he was covered in fleas.  He was treated for his fleas, and he was put on pain meds and crate rest.  Raymond made a remarkable recovery and we were then able to address his other medical issues.

Even when he was in terrible pain, we knew what a great dog Raymond was.  Ray adores people of all ages and greets everyone like his friend.  He is being fostered in a home with 6 year old humans with no problems.  When friends are over and the house gets loud and chaotic, Raymond does not blink an eye.  He is all about human attention and greets everyone with a smile and wagging tail.  He especially loves belly rubs and neck scratches.

Raymond is also fine with other dogs and sleeps with the other doxies in a big dachshund pile.  He is one of those dogs that just loves the world and everything in it.  Raymond also loves soft squeaky squishy toys, and because he has so few teeth, he doesn’t destroy them.  He walks great on a leash and likes to go to the dog-park and dachshund get-togethers.

Raymond is neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated.  He had a fistula repair and a complete dental (where he lost a lot of teeth).  We now add warm water to his food to soften it to make it easier for him to eat.

If you are interested in Raymond, please fill out the online adoption application and email Nicole at Nicolesalacain@gmail.com.

The tax-deductible donation for Raymond $150.00

Name: Stork  4026
Age:  6 months
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie – 10 lbs. and growing

Safe with Cats!

One of our volunteers was sent a head shot of a “dachshund puppy” in the Modesto shelter.  We have some great folks covering this shelter so most of us would have been suspicious that we hadn’t heard about this dog from them.  However, this volunteer did not know this and agreed to take the puppy based on the picture and assurances he was a dachshund.

As you might have guessed by the name we have given the puppy, his legs most definitely don’t look dachshund.  His legs are so long and skinny he might be part Italian-Greyhound to go with his doxie face, long body and lovely red color.  For his part, Stork has no guilt about posing for the picture sent to SCDR, the one where he tucked his long legs under him in a misleading manner, so that he looked like a dachshund.  He was going to do whatever he could to get out of the shelter and into rescue, even if he had to bend the truth (and his legs) a little.

Regardless of his genetic background, Stork is a nice little boy and very much wants a home of his own.  He was extremely unsocialized and terrified when he first came into rescue.  (His fear is why he was on the euthanasia list at the shelter).  Slowly but surely he has been coming out of his shell and learning to enjoy life.  His new family needs to commit to getting him out and about meeting new people and dogs, so he can be properly socialized.

Stork has really blossomed in his foster home.  He loves playing and gets along well with other dogs and cats.  He is the one who gets the play party started.  He goes to all of the other foster dogs, doing his play stance and trying to get them to play.  He even tries to do this with the cats in the rescue home, but they just look at him with disdain.  He loves to chase the ball, loves to play with squeaky toys (and he doesn’t destroy them in two minutes), and loves walking on the leash.  He has a lot of energy and is a happy puppy.  He is very loving too, and when you pick him up and hold him in your arms, he hugs you.

The ideal home for Stork would have the following attributes:

  • Someone at home most of the day, stay-at-home moms/dads or folks who work from home.
  • Previous dachshund/dog experience is a plus.
  • Must have another dog for play and companionship.  Cats are OK with him too.
  • A very secure INDOOR place for Stork to be when no one is at home.
  • Applicants must be between 25 and 65 years of age.
  • No infants or toddlers, please, but we will consider families with children over 8 years old.
  • Another plus for Stork is a home with stairs is not an issue for him.

Stork is neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated.  He is being fostered in San Jose.  If you have questions, please contact Althea at atkippes@gmail.com.

The tax deductible donation for Stork is $125.00

Name:  Clay 3918
Age:  10 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Mini – 12.5 lbs.

The Stockton shelter contacted us about an injured doxie with a heart murmur. While we were making arrangements to get him, they told us they had another senior doxie boy who also had a heart murmur and needed saving.   Since we had transportation (often the most difficult part of a rescue), we gladly said yes to the additional dog.

This was a very good decision as the additional dog was Clay. This little guy has been a real lovebug from the moment we met him.   He is happy to greet strangers and to let them pet him.   He wants to be wherever his people are. (He was outraged at his first foster home when he discovered he was confined to the dog area.  He wanted to be right by his foster mom) Clayloves to snuggle, he is easy with his kisses and he love      to sit on laps.

Don’t let Clay’s frosty face and age fool you.  He may be a senior but he is active and spry.  He loves to go for walks and behaves nicely on a leash.   He is a perfect room mate to his current cranky, elderly male doxie foster brother.   Clay enjoys playing with his toys and napping in his doggie bed.  His foster mom has nicknamed him ‘the Bean Ween’ because when he curls uphe looks like a kidney bean!

Clay is neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccinations.  He also had a complete dental.  Clay is a gem and his new family is going to be lucky to get him.

If you are interested in Clay, please fill out the online adoption application and email Nicole at nicolesalacain@gmail.com.

Adopt Clay for a modest tax-deductible donation to rescue

Name:  Gigi  3961
Age:  11 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Mini – 10 lbs.

Gigi is being fostered in Sonoma, ca

Poor little Gigi ended up in a high kill shelter in Central CA as a stray, and no one came for her, so we scooped her up as soon as we could.  Gigi pranced out of the shelter on her freedom day.  We took her immediately to the vet to have a check-up and blood work done.

Gigi is as sweet as they come.  We don’t know her exact age, but two vets guessed that she is between 10 and 11 years old.  Don’t let that number fool you.  She has lots of pep in her step.  Gigi is great on a leash and loves going for walks.

Gigi is great with other dogs and would be fine with other small dogs for companionship. She could probably be an “only dog” as well, as long as her people were not gone for long periods of time.  Gigi seems to really like children too, so we think she would be fine with respectful children ages 8 and up.

Gigi sleeps in the big bed at night.  Gigi is housetrained and uses a dog door.  She rides well in the car.  Do you like to travel with your dachshund?  Gigi is the girl for you!

Gigi is spayed, microchipped, and her shots are now current.  She has had a complete dental.  Her teeth were in horrendous condition, but we waited until she recovered from kennel cough before addressing her teeth.  She has now had a complete dental (12 extractions and 2 oral-nasal fistulas repaired).  She feels so much better now, and she is in good health.  Gigi is ready for her new home.

If you are interested in Gigi, please contact Carrie at caretoride@sbcglobal.net and complete the online adoption application at www.scdr.org.

The tax-deductible donation for Gigi is $150.00

Name: Suzi 3915
Age:  11 years
Color: Red Piebald
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed
Size:  Tweenie – 15 lbs.

Suzi was rescued from a shelter a year ago, but then this fall she showed up in a shelter again.  This time she made her way to SCDR.  We want to make sure her next home is her forever home.

Suzi is a lovely girl, but she is a bit feisty and is cautious with those she does not know.  She is happy to greet new people, but she does not want them to pick her up.  As a result, we think she would do best in a home with no children or with older children.  Suzi may be older, but she adores getting out on walks.  She also enjoys cuddling with those she knows and has been known to resource-guard laps from the other dogs.

Suzi has a very unusual coat color.  Her coat is about a 40-60% mix of white hairs and red hairs.  Her face has a lot of white which is as much a result of her natural coloring as it is her age.  She is a soft and silky girl.

Suzi has been fine with all the other dogs in her crowded foster home (although she’d like fewer of them).  She has engaged in a few “tug-o-wars” with the resident toy hog, but these have always been non-violent battles.

Suzi is spayed, current on her vaccines and microchipped.  She also just had a dental and is crate trained (but she would adore getting to sleep in the big bed).

If you are interested in Suzi, please fill out the adoption application and email Nicole at nicolesalacain@gmail.com.

Adopt Suzie for a modest tax-deductible donation to SCDR

Name:  Ember 3960
Age:  12-15 months
Color:  Red
Coat:  Longhair
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Tweenie – 15.5 lbs.

*adoption pending*

A fire at the home of a backyard breeder resulted in the death of 9 dogs and the confiscation of 13 others by authorities.  Ember is one of the dogs that was saved.  SCDR was asked to help, because the shelter the dogs were at is very small and was not able to properly care for such an influx of dogs.

Ember is the only long hair in the group.  Like the others, she is very people friendly.

We call Ember a mini Golden Retriever, because she is always carrying a stuffed toy (or two or three) in her mouth.  She has to have one with her at all times. She even barks with a toy in her mouth. She gathers up as many as she can and then guards the toys from the other dogs.  However, she is very frustrated that none of the other dogs care about her loot.  She has taken to throwing the toys in their faces.  Then she gets to have a fit, because they are near them (as if they had a choice).  We think this little dragon treasure hoarder needs a Khaleesi in her life to keep her under control.

We believe this sweetie is going to be best as the only female dog in the home.  We think she might also be able to be an “only dog”.  Older, respectful children will likely be fine with her.

Ember needs to learn to walk on a leash.  We have been so crowded, there has been little time to work one on one on this with her.   She’s young and energetic and walks would go a long way towards making her happy.

We have had Ember spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated.  She is now also crate trained (but boy did she carry on about this for the first couple of nights).  Ember had a seizure while being treated for smoke inhalation at the end of November.  She has not had once since.  It is thought her seizure was related to the fire/smoke, but there is no way to know for sure.

If you are interested in Ember, please fill out the online adoption application and email Lindy at linla@comcast.net.

The tax deductible donation for Ember is $325.00

Name: Caster  3846
Age:  11 years
Color: Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Mini – 11.4 lbs.

Caster and his mom, Mary were dumped at the shelter when their owner died.  As is all too often, none of the family cared what would happen to them.  Because of the dogs’ ages and their fearfulness in the shelter, their only hope was rescue.  Fortunately, a foster home stepped forward so that we could save these two wonderful dogs.

We thought they were a bonded pair, but in foster care, we have come to think that this isn’t true.  They like each other and would be happy to live together, but they also like the other foster dogs just as much.  And of course, they both adore their foster humans.

Caster appears to be doxie mix, with a long body and long legs.  Homes with stairs are not an issue for this sweet boy.  While his genetics may not have made him the best looking dog, they sure gave him an “A+ personality”.  This dog is all love.  Caster gets along with everyone he meets.  He loves to keep his foster mom company in whichever room she is in.  At night, he’s a good boyfriend and is happy to spoon with his people.

Caster wants a home where he will be cherished.  Other dogs are fine with him, but alas, no cats.  Caster will at times bark at squirrels or when the other dogs raise the alarm. Otherwise he is a quiet boy.

Caster is neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccinations.  He recently had a complete dental.

If you are interested in Caster, please fill out the online adoption application and email Nicole at NicoleSalacain@gmail.com.

The tax deductible donation for Caster is a modest donation to rescue.

Name:  Esme  3796
Age:  5 years
Color:  Black
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Standard – 18 lbs.

Esme got lucky because we were in the car when we got the call about her.  The shelter worker swore she was a purebred dachshund so we agreed to take her without seeing her picture.  As you can tell, Esme is actually a dachshund mix.

Esme originally came into the shelter over a year ago where she promptly gave birth to a litter of puppies. After raising her babies, she made her way to rescue.  We were told she had to be an only dog.  This turned out to be very wrong.

Esme actually likes other dogs and she needs at least one in her new home or she gets separation anxiety. A calm, confident male dog would be best.  (And wouldn’t it be cute if she had a black lab brother? She would look like his mini me!). Her foster home is always bringing home new fosters and Esme is one of the dogs we never have to worry about with the newcomer(s).   A sniff of the newbie and she is ready to move on with playing.  Friendly as she is with dogs in her home, she does have a bit of leash reactivity while on walks.

Esme’s best feature is that she ADORES humans. All shapes, all ages, all sizes, all ages.  Loves, loves, loves them. She thinks cuddling up and watching TV is the bomb.  Sleep on the big bed? She’s be happy to join you. Any attention is good attention in her book.

Esme loves activities.  She never wears out on a walk and she is a dedicated squirrel stalker.

Sweet as she is, Esme does have a few quirks. An example, is that she hates wind chimes.  We are not sure what they ever did to her but we are looking for a chime free home for her.  She also is food possessive of her bowl (only with the other dogs, not with people).   And to keep other dogs from eating, she will try and eat all the food.  Feeding her in a crate (which she loves) will solve any issues.  She also is not good with cats.

Esme is crate trained and sleeps quietly in her crate at night.  She has been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.  If you are interested in adopting Esme, please fill out the online adoption application and email Lindy at linla@comcast.net.

The tax deductible donation for Esme is only $125.00

Name:  Susie 2921
Age:  3 years
Color:  Black & Tan
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Tweenie – 14 lbs.


Susie is one of the best dachshunds ever.  Not only is she gorgeous, but she has the best personality.  Susie is superb with all other people and all other dogs.   When we have visitors or take the dogs out and about, the one dog we never worry about is Susie.   She is a dream.

Susie enjoys playing with other dogs and is usually instigating the romping.  She also likes squeaky toys.  And she loves, loves, loves to go for walks.  This is one happy dog.

We would have to beat adopters off with a stick, except that Susie is a special needs dog.  She came into rescue at about 6 months of age with a crush injury to her spinal nerve (like someone had stepped on her).  This left her with no control or even awareness of eliminating.  She also walked funny and had no feeling in her tail.   Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we were able to raise the money for Susie’s MRI and surgery.

The surgery was an instant success in terms of walking.  Susie is now up on her rear tippy toes rather than walking on her elbows.  As the nerve slowly regrew, Susie regained some control over her bladder and bowels.  Susie is now at the point where she can control her pee unless she gets excited.  She can control her poop except when she sleeps.  We are still hopeful for even more improvement as we are now noticing   Susie move her tail.  She still doesn’t wag it like a normal dog but she is definitely moving it back and forth and up and down.

In foster care, Susie spends most of the day outside (her choice) and at night she wears a diaper to bed.   She is extremely cooperative about being diapered, standing patiently for the process. 

Susie happily crates at night with her best friend Lena (a former feral dog who is still standoffish). Susie is not an early riser.  Plus if you are late with bedtime, you will find her at your feet, looking at you wondering why you aren’t getting her ready for bed.  Clearly it’s hard work, playing and having fun all day and she needs her beauty sleep.

Susie is spayed, microchipped and current on her vaccinations.  If you are interested in Susie, please fill out the online adoption application and email Lindy at linla@comcast.net.

The tax deductible donation for Susie is any modest donation to rescue.