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LAST UPDATED: 12-15-16

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Name: Roger
Age: 2 years
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Male Neutered
Size: Standard – 30 lbs.

Roger was rescued from the Devore shelter about a year and a half ago by a lovely family who originally went there to adopt a Doberman.  The Dobie was “rescue only”, but on their way out of the shelter they spotted Roger.  He had cigarette burns on his body and his tail was mangled.  These are the classic signs of abuse.  He somehow survived his past and ended up in the shelter.  They took Roger home and to the vet to get his medical needs addressed.  Roger lost part of his tail, but still has about 4 inches that he wags expertly.  It took a few months for Roger to recover from his ordeal, but now the only physical sign of his past is that he is a bit “tail challenged”.

You absolutely cannot believe how wonderful Roger is.  Roger would be perfect for condo or apartment dwellers that fancy a large dog breed, but need a smaller dog to comply with residential restrictions.  He loves children (over 7 years old) and most women, but seems to have reservations about some men.  This could be a throw-back to his abused past.  His most favorite thing is to cuddle on the sofa with whomever is watching TV, adults or children, it doesn’t matter to Roger.

Roger’s foster family invested in professional training to help him overcome his past.  He does “sit”, “stay”, and walks nicely on the leash.  He stops and sits down whenever you stop walking.  How cool is that?!  Roger is quiet, well-behaved, and house trained.  He loves long walks, and he enjoys the dog-park.  He’s not aggressive, just a big Baby Huey that could easily knock a small child down in enthusiastic play, never on purpose.

Roger would like a home with a female dog for companionship if possible.  Folks who work from home would be ideal.  An all women household would be perfect for him, as he does seem to still have trust issues with men.  He is very intelligent and has the potential to be an excellent family dog with people with previous dog experience.

Roger’s vaccines are current and he has been neutered and microchipped.  If you are interested in Roger, please complete our online adoption application, and contact Dena at (562) 694-6868 or email

The tax deductible donation for Roger is $250.00

King 3940-1 portrait.jpg

Name: King 3940
Age:  5.5 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Standard – 18 lbs.

*adoption pending*

King is confused.  He did nothing wrong.  So why is he in a foster home waiting for a new family to come take him home.  King was a young girl’s best friend.  But as most young girls grow up, their lives get busy and complicated, so did King’s best girl.  Now between school and working, there was no time left for him.  She asked SCDR to find King a home with people who can give King the love and attention he so richly deserves.

Isn’t King super cute? Look at those short legs and chubby doxie feet.  Don’t let his sad face fool you.  King is a happy, active dachshund.  King is good on a leash and loves long walks and was especially fond of going to the beach to splash in the surf and dig to China in the wet sand.  He also enjoyed the dog park when they went as well. 

King loves playing with any other small dog that is willing.  He is as sweet as they come.  He is a very happy dachshund with a bit of mystery in his personality.  The ideal family for King would have children over 7 years old, live in a single level home, and have another dog for play and companionship.  He previously lived with a Terrier and often played with a friend’s German Shepard and a friendly Pitbull.  Have an RV?  King is packed and ready to join you on the road.  He is Mr. Congeniality and would welcome meeting your camping friends.

King is fully vaccinated and microchipped.  He has also had a dental cleaning.  King is currently sleeping in a crate, but he really would love to sleep in the big bed again with his people.  King would be fine in most households, but we don’t know how he is with cats.  

If you can provide King with a wonderful home, please call Dena at 562-694-6868 or email at An adoption application and home visit are required.

The tax deductible donation for King is $200.00

Name:  Herbie 3931
Age: 8 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size: Tweenie – 15 lbs.

*adoption pending*

Herbie was picked up stray and taken to the Long Beach Animal Shelter.  As he was a senior, the shelter rescue liaison contacted us and asked if we would be interested in rescuing him.  Our volunteer, Roberta, went to the shelter, fell in love with Herbie immediately and bailed him out.  He went straight to our vet for medical care.  Herbie was vastly underweight, you could count every rib.  Our vet took care of everything, and once Herbie had his dental, he was ready to go to his foster home for rest and recuperation.  We love the seniors, so it was our pleasure to help Herbie.

Herbie believes that when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade.  He adjusted instantly to his new foster home, exploring every nook and cranny, and exiting to the back yard through the dog door, like he’d always lived there.  He is reliably house trained and crate trained.  However, Herbie much prefers to sleep in a cushy dog bed with a fluffly comforter than in a crate.  He loves to be held and cuddled, and would probably not mind being invited to share the big bed with his people.

Herbie enjoys his walks about the neighborhood and is an excellent passenger in the car.  Despite his chronological age, Herbie is way more active than some of his younger foster brothers and sisters.  He has the activity level of a dog half his age.  Getting him to stand still for a picture was a challenge.

Herbie is very loving and affectionate. He gets along well with other dogs, and wants to be the “security guard” at his foster home.  He leads the pack out the dog door to scare away intruders.  He is especially vigilant on Fridays when the gardener comes. 

He would also very much enjoy having a female companion to keep him company when his people have to leave him at home.  He is safe with children 8 years old and up, but we think he’d be happiest in a home without the chaos of little children running in and out on a daily basis.  Visiting grandchildren would have to be supervised.  We have no idea about cats.  It is best to err on the side of caution, and say “No cats.”

Anyone who adopts Herbie is going to be truly blessed.  He is one in a million.  If you are interested in adopting Herbie, please contact Dena at or call (562) 694-6868.  A home check and adoption application are required.

The tax deductible donation for Herbie is $175.00

Name:  Duke3857
Ages:  6 years
D.O.B.:  7/26/2010
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie – 15 lbs.

Name:  Penny3858
Ages: 6 years
D.O.B.:  7/26/2010
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Tweenie – 15 lbs.

Duke and Penny are not your typical owner surrenders.  When their owner ended up in a nursing home, the family contacted us and asked us to take Duke.  We insisted that they give us Penny also as they are a bonded pair, and should not be separated.  They love each other very much.  The family agreed.  We promised to find Duke and Penny a fabulous home together.

Duke and Penny are very sweet and well-behaved.  Each one is a joy to hold and cuddle.  They give wonderful kisses.  They are as house-trained as a typical dachshund can be.  They need a home with a secure yard and a dog door.  They cannot be apartment/condo dogs.  They will alert you to every passerby.  Apartments and condos have too much foot-traffic to make this practical.  They love going for walks, and ride nicely in the car.

Penny is never far from Duke at any time.  They eat together, sleep together, and just hang out together.  They share a cushy dog bed at night, but desire to sleep in the big bed with their people.  Duke and Penny are safe with children over 8 years old.  No babies or toddlers please.  They are very long and very short, so they need a home with no stairs (all on one level) would be desirable.

Penny is very loveable, smart, patient, and good natured. Duke is a mellow couch-potato most of the time, but does have a high prey-drive and needs a home with no other small pets – no Chihuahuas, cats, birds, rodents, or reptiles. A bigger breed dog pal would be OK.   Duke is a very enthusiastic hunter.  He and Penny need to live in a fairly urbanized location. 

Duke and Penny are healthy, have current vaccinations, and are microchipped.  If you can give them a loving home together, please contact Dena at (562) 694-6868 or email  They are a bonded pair and we will not separate them.  An adoption application is required.  Click the adoption application button below.

The tax deductible donation for Duke and Penny is $350.00 for both

Name:  Melody 3900
Age:  4 years
Color:  Black & Tan
Coat:  Longhair
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Tweenie – 17 lbs.

We rescued Melody from a high-kill shelter in Los Angeles.  She didn’t show well, hiding under her platform bed or sitting facing the wall.  Then she was adopted by someone from the general public, and she didn’t even make it out of the shelter.  On the way out, he manhandled her, dragging and choking her by the leash.  She bit him out of fear and confusion, and ended up in quarantine for 10 days.  When the shelter-rescue liaison contacted us, she told us the story and swore Melody was a sweet girl in a very frightening environment.  Being manhandled was just the last straw.  We knew we could help this little girl find a better life.

Despite everything, Melody is sweet and affectionate to everyone she meets.  We see no sign of aggression at all.  She is getting along well with the other dachshunds in her foster home, even sharing her bedtime crate.  We think she may have some Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mixed into her heritage.  This has given her softer facial features (really sweet looking), and slightly taller legs, which means she is less prone to back injuries in the future, and she can live safely in a home with stairs.

Melody is a wonderful walker.  She never pulls on the leash and loyally trots next to you the whole time.  She loves to play with any toys.  She is fine sleeping in her crate, but also enjoys cuddling on the sofa or in the big bed, and as she appears to be impeccably house trained, we have no problem sharing the big bed with her.

Melody would like a home with a dachshund-savvy family.  The children need to be no younger than 8 or 9 years old.  She does not like “rough-housing”.  She’s a lady and wants to be your little princess.  We don’t know how she feels about cats.

Melody’s vaccines are up-to-date, she’s been microchipped, and her teeth are so white you’ll need sunglasses to admire them.  If you think Melody can be a great new addition to your family, please contact Dena at or call 562-694-6868.  An adoption application and home check are required.

The tax-deductible donation for Melody is $275.00

Name:  Bandit3855
Age: 12 years
Color: Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size: Tweenie – 15 lbs.

Name: Franky3856
Age: 12 years
Color: Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size: Tweenie – 15 lbs.

Bandit and Franky were left homeless when the children went off to college and their owner sold her home and down-sized to a small condo in a retirement community.  No pets allowed.  Family members didn’t want them and threatened to put them down unless a home was found for them.  SCDR stepped up to save them.  And boy, are we glad we did!  Just look at those sweet faces.  Yes, we know that Bandit is probably a “chiweenie”, but look at the bright side – he is OK in a home with stairs.

Bandit and Franky have been together all of their lives.  They are very bonded to each other.  They are trying to understand what has happened to them and are clinging to each other for comfort and safety.  They are warming up to people again, but sometimes they are a bit stand-offish and need to have their trust restored.  Their foster mom is working on this, but they really need to be in a quieter place with not so many other foster dogs.  She reports that they are learning the joys of snuggling in the big bed.

Frankie loves his toys and will carry one around with him. They both love to go on walks.  Get the leashes out and they are ready to go.  They are very sweet boys who do not act their age. You would never believe they are older.

Bandit and Franky are healthy, all their vaccinations are current, and they have been microchipped.  We cannot split them up as they are emotionally attached to each other.  We think they are really too old to care about cats.  They are safe with children over 8 years old.

If you can give these two seniors a home together for the rest of their lives, please contact Dena at (562) 694-6868.or email  An adoption application is required.

Take Bandit and Franky home for just a modest donation to SCDR.
They must stay together.

Name:  Jenny3774
Age: 12 years
D.O.B.:  05/04/2004
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size: Tweenie – 13 lbs.


In early May, we received a Facebook message that an elder dachshund had been surrendered to the Lake Isabella shelter in Kern County by her owners.  (This is an extremely remote shelter with no foot-traffic.  Dogs left there rarely get adopted.  It was tantamount to a death sentence for Jenny.)  After a few phone calls, Facebook messages and emails, we were able to rescue sweet Jenny from this shelter.  When she arrived at her foster home, Jenny was very sick.  Kennel Cough progressed to Bronchitis almost overnight, and the usual antibiotics were not working.  Our vet prescribed Azithromycin and that did the trick.  It took a couple of weeks for Jenny to be healthy again.

Jenny is very loving and devoted to her people.  She follows her foster mom around from room to room, either sitting at her feet or snuggling in her lap.  Active retirees or folks who work from home would be best suited for a little girl like Jenny.  She definitely doesn’t act her age.  Jenny is active, plays with toys, and actively protects her home and yard from invaders.

Jenny enjoys going for walks.  She gets very excited when she sees her leash come out.  She likes to walk at a leisurely pace and greets strangers on her walks like family.  She loves playing with stuffed toys, especially anything that squeaks or makes a noise.  She is petite, so any children in the home must be over 8 years old and very gentle.  We don’t know how she is with cats, but we prefer to place her in a home without cats or other small furry creatures.

When meeting new people, Jenny is not shy at all, especially if treats are being offered.  Jenny needs a home all on one level.  This senior gal should not be going up and down stairs or jumping off the furniture, for that matter.  She is in good physical condition, and preventing injury will keep her that way.

Jenny is house trained.  She knows the doggy door.  She sleeps in a plush dog bed under her fluffy blanket at night.  Her vaccinations are up-to-date.  She recently had a full dental, and is also microchipped.  She does not bark excessively, only when appropriate. 

If you can give Jenny the type of home she needs, please contact Dena at or call (562) 694-6868.  A home check and an adoption application are required.

We ask only a modest tax deductible donation for Jenny.

Name:  Teddy3766
Age:  7 years
D.O.B.:  10/10/2008
Color:  Black & Tan
Coat:  Longhair
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie – 15 lbs.

Name:  Troy3767
Age: 9 years
D.O.B.:  11/09/2006
Color:  Red
Coat:  Longhair
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size:  Fat Tweenie – 22 lbs.

Teddy and Troy lost the only home they have ever known.  Caring for a family member with serious health issues required their owners to spend a lot of time away from home, leaving them for long, lonely hours.  We agreed to help find Teddy and Troy a new home with people who could give them more attention.

Teddy and Troy are crate trained and house trained.  Their former home did not have a dog door, so it took them a day or two to learn how wonderful it is to be able to go outside whenever they want to.  They sleep curled up together in their dog bed every night without a fuss.  They are leash trained, and very much enjoy going for walks.  Teddy and Troy came into rescue grossly overweight, but not to worry. . . . . their foster mom has put them on a weight-reducing diet and exercise program, and it’s working.  Teddy is down to his ideal weight, but Troy is still a work in progress.

The brothers love to be held and cuddled, and they are not shy about asking for hugs and belly rubs.  They are always smiling and wagging.  Life gave them lemons, and they are making lemonade.  They are safe with children over 8 years old; younger children would need to be supervised around them.  They have been exposed to cats, and chose to ignore them.  They would be safe with a dog-savvy cat that does not run when approached, so they won’t chase.  They get along just fine with other small dogs.

Teddy and Troy would like a home with a family where someone is home most of the time or works from home.  Recent retirees are encouraged to apply for them.  We are looking for a home all on one level (no stairs) with access to a secure yard for play, potty, and sunbathing.  They both have extra short legs, so stairs would be a serious problem for them.  Previous experience with longhaired dachshunds would be a plus as they do require regular brushing and periodic professional grooming.  They absolutely love their “spa day” at the groomer’s.

Teddy and Troy are healthy, their vaccines are up-to-date, they are microchipped, and they both have had their teeth cleaned recently.  If you are interested in them, please complete our online adoption application, and contact Dena at (562) 694-6868 or email

The tax deductible donation for Teddy and Troy is $250.00.
They are a bonded pair and we will not separate them.

Name: Sammy  2683
aka "Wheels"
Age: 8 years
Color: Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size: Mini – 10 lbs.


As you can see from his picture, Sammy is a very handsome mini dachshund.  Sammy was rescued from the Porterville shelter in March 2012.  He was a normal, healthy and active 4 year old mini dachshund with a bright future ahead of him.  He was subsequently adopted by a nice family in April 2012.

In December 2015, Sammy was returned to us.  Only he was now 8 years old, suffering from a back injury.  His family did try non-surgerical methods to remedy his condition – meds, crate rest, physical therapy, cold laser, acupuncture, but Sammy still was having a tough time regaining strength in his hindquarters.  You are probably wondering why they returned Sammy to us.  Simply put, they were moving to the East Coast and did not want to take him for obvious reasons. 

Sammy is as sweet and affectionate as he is good looking.  He is a bit shy at first with strangers, but warms up quickly.  He gives nice kisses.  He likes going for walks and enjoys chasing birds and lizards in the yard.  He is very social with the other dogs in his foster home.  He would very much like to have a mellow female companion around for those times when his person has to be away from home.   He will play wrestle if the other dog does not play rough.  He is good with children over 8 years old (no babies or toddlers).  Sammy has a strong prey drive, so we don’t think he’d be good with cats or other small furry or feathered pets.  He is too much of a hunter.  Don’t let his current physical condition fool you.  This is one tough little guy. 

Sammy is crate trained, and he was house trained at one time, but his paralysis has put him at a disadvantage.  If not taken outside to potty several times a day, he will leak a bit.  Sammy is content to sleep in his crate, and is fine for a few hours a day (while you work) in his crate as well.  He likes his cow hooves, and deer antlers to keep him occupied.

Sammy is not a good candidate for apartment of condo living.  Despite his small size, his bark is loud and it carries.  Close neighbors would not be happy with Sammy.  He needs a private residence all on one level (no stairs) with a back yard so he can continue to sharpen his hunting skills and regain strength in his legs.  Sammy is making progress too.  He can stand unaided, and can even take a few steps.  He still needs his wheels, but spends most of his time standing on all fours, and walking using the cart for balance.  We predict he won’t need it much longer.

Sammy’s vaccines are up-to-date and he is microchipped.  If you are interested in Sammy, please contact Dena at 562-694-6868 or email  A home check and an adoption application are required.

The tax deductible donation for Sammy is $100.00.